Ghost of a Dream

2018 Sister Dennis Frandrup Artist Residency

Adam Eckstrom Lauren Was

Ghost of a Dream is the collaborative duo of Adam Eckstrom and Lauren Was. Adam and Lauren met in Graduate school at Rhode Island School of Design where they both received MFAs (2004 Lauren in Sculpture, 2005 Adam in painting). In 2006 they began an intense artistic dialogue which grew into a collaborative practice named Ghost of a Dream. Adam and Lauren are based in New York and exhibit widely. They are recipients of the first annual Young Masters Art Prize in London, 2009 and are represented by Galerie Paris Beijing and by Galleri Christoffer Egelund in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Ghosts of a Dream have a dynamic, multimedia approach to making art which thematically examines issues of economic prosperity and desire. Their work includes collage, installation, sculpture, video, and drawing.

Ghosts of a Dream will be in Residence from January 24 – February 24 in the SJU Art Center.