FSB Events

ROTC is full of exciting events for the cadets.

Here are a list of a few of the events each cadet can participate in:

These typically occur once a semester during ROTC and conducted over a weekend at Camp Ripley. Cadets experience operating and leading in squad level elements during these events. They will conduct events such as basic rifle marksmanship, confidence course, filed leadership reaction courses, rappelling, and land navigation.

This event is conduct during the fall semester starting with a Task Force competition each year. The winners of this event get to compete in a brigade level event each year. The winners of this get to compete in the Sand Hurst event at West point each year. Competitors will complete Army tasks along with physical endurance events in teams of 5 or 9 personnel.

Sand Hurst

Annual/International event at West Point to challenge the best Ranger Challenge teams in the world. This rigorous 36 hour course is meant to test team cohesion, fighting spirit and dedication to mission accomplishment.

This event is conduct at White Sands Missile Range each year. This is a grueling 26.2 mile marathon across a desert type climate. Cadets usually compete in teams for this event in which everyone in the team has to finish the race within 20 seconds of each other. This event is typically in the 2nd semester each year.

This event is referred to as the KU Buddy Challenge because it is usually conducted at Kansas University. This event consists of two person teams and is designed to test military tasks, skills and physical fitness. This event is typically run in the 2nd semester each year.

This event is designed to expose cadets to military traditions of formal military events. It also allows cadets to expose their significant others to a formal event within the military. This event is typically the last near the end of the 2nd semester just prior to graduation.

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