2LT Ryan Howe Advice

  1. Products. Work to develop a file of product skeletons that can be used over and over. I have several rugged folders and 3 ring binders for my OPORDs and overlays, or skeletons templates, documents I can write on, and present visuals from for the briefs. It helps you out and makes briefing a much smoother process for everyone.
  2. Be Reliable. It’s important to develop solid friendships so everyone can benefit from each other strengths and weaknesses. Being the high-speed LT with good materials, tactical products, etc is awesome and battle buddies will come to you for help with all that swag! It’s also vital to be cool and get down with your leadership or your platoon at times, showing you're capable of leading a PLT and getting a task done well is a must, but also just being a human that can joke and have fun will make you feel apart of the big picture.
  3. Be Humble. The time you’re all putting in as Cadets is the core of it all. Stories from OCS are rough and ROTC is truly an excellent program for leaders. I would not be the confident LT I am today without the training we did with the Fighting Saints from classroom to field exercises, so I encourage everyone to continue to train hard and do the best you can. Absorb the leadership around you and learn from example.

Alumni Advice

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