A Message From 2LT Will Durbin

A tired but safe 2LT Will Durbin called us yesterday evening, 12:30a.m. his time. He and about 25 others were out of the FOB for most of the day. This was his first look at the city of Mosul and surrounding area. They drove through a "model" neighborhood where the houses had been repaired, the streets cleaned and clear of trash and debris and the children playing happily in the streets. The kids are attracted to the soldiers like magnets whenever they drive through those areas. They greet the soldiers politely and ask them for things. The area does have trees and something that resembles green grass, "greener than I thought it would be".

They were treated to a dinner at an Iraqi contractor’s house about 1 1/2 hour drive
outside the city. He had lamb, rice and bread. It was served buffet style with other items he did not try. 

2LT Durbin still not in a permanent location and asks not to have packages/mail sent to him because it is very likely he will be moved again. When the time is right he will let us know what can be sent for anyone interested in doing so. They are well supplied with all their needs and even some comforts items albeit they don't have much down time to enjoy comforts. He is sleeping well in an air conditioned room and the weather is a non issue with temperatures in the mid to high 70's in the day and high 40's at night with low humidity. The food is good and plentiful so all is well thus far.

Thanks for your continued prayers for Will and all who serve in the Armed Forces and their families.

We wish you all a good weekend as we celebrate this special time of year.

God Bless you.


Jim and Marie