Spring 2012 Alumnae/i Notes

I continually meet more evidence of why my work (should I call it that?) is so satisfying. Just the last few days have involved stimulating conversations with a number of visitors or people I have run into or met. Sun Jan 15 there was Jake Froehle '97 whom I ran into at the St. Joe Church where he, Stef '97 and the boys were. He joined me for about a half-hour at the Local Blend. He has finished his course work in nursing at SCSU. Formerly, he flew BlackHawk helicopters in several deployments. He reports that Steve Schmelzer '01, a graduate who has worked as a nurse for some years, is now in training to fly Blackhawk helicopters! -

Chad Edlund '00 and Erin Peterfeso '03 are officially out of the Army.

Matt Bruns '04 sends (in Nov) an interesting update from his deployment. "I am currently deployed to Kuwait and yesterday the post Chaplain had asked me to speak of gratitude at the Thanksgiving service. . . After 6 years, Amanda and I moved (in July) from Mpls to Lakeville. It was time to raise a family in the burbs. A few weeks later we had our third child, Brooke. Amanda is doing pretty well taking care of the home front while I am gone. She is raising our 3 children, Cameron (6), Isabelle (3 1/2) and Brooke (18 months) and still working part time as a RN at the VA hospital in Mpls. This deployment is not as stressful (convey security last deployment) or as long, so it seems, but still challenging. I am the Resource Manager-Contracting officer (S8), i.e. Public works director/city planner for a Camp. I ensure the contractors on camp do what they are supposed to do and manage funding for major projects and infrastructure upgrades on camp. We are involved in the draw down from Iraq so things are pretty busy, as soldiers and equipment come through our camp." Things should have eased by now. He sent a picture of himself on a camel and another of a thermometer recording 130° in Aug. CPT Matthew J. Bruns/ S8/Contracting OIC, 134 BSB/ Camp LSA, Kuwait APO AE 09815/ Cell: 9788-2685 [email protected] -

Lt C Peter Hebert '91 (my husband) is now deployed to Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan and works in the headquarters battalion. He is there through April and that will complete his one year tour as the G9, which is the Civil Affairs staff officer for General Dan Allyn. He follows on with a tour back to Fort Bragg over the summer, and takes command of a Civil Affairs Battalion and rejoining the 95th active duty Civil Affairs Brigade (A). I am at Fort Bragg for our 8th consecutive year while he deploys about every other year for 7-12 month shifts. We have made it through our 4th deployment as Pete's primary focus has been in Africa, deployed to Chad, Kenya, Mali, Mauritania, and so many other places.

A very interesting speaker was brought to campus the evening of Jan 31 through the instrumentality of one of our current students Erik Larson '15 of Texas. His mother has taught the twin children (now 14) of Mark Vande Hei '89 (LTC). Erik alerted the physics department to the fact that this particular Johnny had been accepted to go through several years of astronaut training. Out of 3000 original applicants in 2007 for a spot, 100 hundred were selected for interviews and by June '09 nine people had been chosen including Mark. Five others from other countries would make the total 14. With the help of short videos, etc. Mark gives a fascinating account of all the areas the prospective astronauts were trained in, everything from learning to draw blood and stitch wounds to Russian with a whole host of more technical and complicated matters in between. Congratulations to Mark and thanks for a fascinating talk. 

New from LTC Bruce Jensen '90: [email protected] As of the end of 2011, he left active duty from the Army Reserves and returned to the job quest. "I also should find out in the next week whether the MN Natl Guard will accept me into their ranks as a part-timer." -

A "Valentine's Day" letter came from Joe '94 and Nicky Hoelz full of pictures and news. "On May 17, 2011, both Jacob (5) and Katherine (19 months) accompanied Joe across the Columbia Univ Law school stage as he received his LL.M. (Master of Law) diploma in International Law." Joe graduated with honors and was recognized as a Harlan Fiske Stone scholar. Congratulations! They bade adieu to NY and mother and kids moved to Woodbury, MN; Joe deployed to Afghanistan where he has been serving as Officer-in-Charge of the justice center in Parwan, Afghanistan's National Security Court. -