September 2009 Alumnae/i Notes

From Jeff '97 and April(Olsen) '98 Reibestein:  "We are now in our Fort Bragg quarters.  We had our household goods delivered and had long, tiring days of unpacking since then.  We're getting closer to feeling like we're 'home', but we still have a way to go. Cassidy and Finley seem to be adjusting well.  Cassidy has remarked that it's 'hot' in NC.  Next up, unfortunately, is deployment to Afghanistan for Jeff.  It will be quite an adjustment, his first deployment since the kids were born."  19 Hunt St/ Fort Bragg, NC 28307/ 910-580-4433 (April's cell)/ [email protected] / Not too long after this came word that Jeff had deployed to Bagram, Afghanistan: "He arrived in Bagram on Sat evening (Aug 8).  He seems like he's adjusting to the time change pretty quickly.  We've been able to talk briefly on the phone a couple of times and we were able to skype briefly this morning.  The kids enjoyed that - they like blowing kisses to him!  Just in case you feel like sending Jeff a note, email, or even package, here is his info. Email:  [email protected] Mailing address (do not use any rank):Jeff Reibestein/ CJTF-82/CJTF Surgeon's Section/ APO AE  09354 - Contrary to times in the past, you may use your own return address on any correspondence. I'm sure that he would enjoy hearing from you!  Packages would be great too. 

NASA Has Selected Mark Vande Hei '89 for the 2009 Astronaut Candidate Class. Mark was one of nine selected from over 3,500 applicants.  He will begin training in Aug. at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston. According to NASA, the new astronaut candidates likely will train only to fly aboard the space station, Russian Soyuz vehicles, and NASA's shuttle replacement, the Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle. That will include flights designed to carry people to orbit and back to the moon by 2020. Congratulations, Mark! 

The announcement tells it: "Col Dawn M. Smith, Off of the Medical Service Corps cordially invites you to a ceremony in honor of Major Timothy D. Kundinger ' 92 on the occasion of his promotion to Lt Col 9 Sep (at, I presume, Fort Sam Houston TX.) Congratulations! - MAJ Tim Kundinger/ Medical Operations and Plans Officer/ USARNORTH/ 1400 East Grayson St/ Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234/ (210)221-4448 [email protected]/ [email protected] 

Dave (Mitchell) Johnson '99 is now officially a Major in the US Army as of July.  At Fort McCoy, WI. Congratulations! "I continue to work at the 3/340th Training Support Battalion, preparing Reserve and Nat'l Guard soldiers for their deployments overseas. [email protected]