September 2008 Alumnae/i Notes

Chris Thelen '04 who is stationed presently at Ft. Drum, NY, and will be exiting the Army in about eight months. After that he expects to attend the Moody Bible Institute. -- Bill Johnson '95 writes: "We stayed at the Abbey Guesthouse and really enjoyed it.  I'm back to work at RSM McGladrey in Minneapolis now (after my Iraq stint). I really missed things like Homecoming last year while I was in Iraq." [email protected]   -- Rex Saukkonen '92, "Always thrilled to receive the SJUCSB newsletter.  At last note I was on my way to Ramstein, Germany to work for AFRICOM.  However, someone in the Special Operations community realized I had experience with NATO and have transferred me from High Wycombe (just outside London) to RAF Mildenhall. My wife Pauline was recently hired by Virgin Atlantic as Cabin Crew (Stewardess). At the end of this tour I'll have spent 9 of the last 12 years in the UK.  We've managed to wrangle a substantial house on the outskirts of Cambridge.  Academics or students that need a place to reside within cycling distance of the city center/university should not pass up the opportunity to save a few bucks and bunk up with folks who know the area and speak fluent American and English.  Contact us at [email protected] to arrange a visit."

Curt Carson '87 writes: "I type this from my HQ's in Baghdad.  I have been in the conduct of combat operations for the past 10 months and your 'letter' was a nice reprieve. The fight here is an interesting one.  Our focus is truly on the people (this is good) and the progress made over my past 10 months, by the average family here in NW Baghdad, is tremendous.  My focus has been on Governance (SJU Degree finally got put to use), Economics and Essential Services.  At heightened points attention has obviously had to turn to the lethal side.  I have learned much about myself and others.  Attitude is clearly more about personal decision than personal location.  Linda and my daughters Malia and Kirsten are dealing well and residing at Ft. Campbell, KY." LTC 2BCT HHC BDE Deputy Commander/ 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 101st ABN DIV (AASLT) [email protected]

Jake Johnson '05: "I've been at FOB Sykes Tall Afar, just west of Mosul (Iraq) for about a month now, and things are going well. I'm still a platoon leader in my scout-attack flight Troop, and spend my days flying 4-8 hours around the desert looking for weapons caches, smugglers and foreign fighters coming across the Syrian border.  I've heard there's another Johnnie somewhere in Mosul but no luck just yet. Address: Jake Johnson - B Troop 6-17 Cav - FOB Sykes - APO AE 09351 E-mail: [email protected] I'll be returning to North Pole, AK in late Oct. to catch the birth of Tessa's and my first child, a baby girl!"   -- Ryan '99 and Michaela Bromenschenkel stopped by Sep. 2 while on a visit to the USA. Ryan is still in the reserves and does online marketing for his father's real estate business.  They live in Ramstein, Germany.

Joe Schotzko '97: "Sounds like you're having a good time in SF.  I've been able to link up with Jeff '   (Reibestein) down here quite a bit. Our website which Laura ' 99 does is - updated monthly."  4108 Lakeview Dr/ Leavenworth, KS 66048/ 931-216-8042     -- Ben Selzer '00 writes that he will be in Monterey, CA this coming Jan. for language school.  He asked about an alumnus who was in North Africa working as a foreign area officer for the Army.  That would be John Boucher '90 who has been stationed in Morocco.  "After I wind up this deployment in Iraq during this coming fall, Angie (Pepin) Selzer '00 and I will be moving to Monterey.  Finding more Johnnies as Foreign Area Officers would be a treat since it is a small community.  Angie and I stopped by SJU a few months ago while I was on leave and ate lunch with Fr. Tom Andert '70."  [email protected]

Patricia (Nolan) '06 and husband Shaun Meling '05 announce the birth of their son, Nolan Meling, on July 29, 2008. Congratulations!  Shaun was deployed to Iraq for one year as of Aug. 3rd with the National Guard as a Medevec Pilot, just days after the birth of his son Nolan.   -- Terrell Ormson '06 whose July 19 wedding was reported earlier writes: "Now the Army decided they needed me over in Iraq, so I'm working with Aviation over here!  Will be back for Christmas though, so that will be nice."  [email protected]   --  Michelle Campbell '05 writes: "Casey '05 and I are both doing really well.  We were home in MN for R&R (from Iraq) the end of June and into July.  It was so much fun to finally be together after almost 11 months of separation.  Casey is still a Platoon Leader in Hawk Company." They expect Casey home in late Oct. or early Nov.