MAJ Sean Leeman

Hello from Ft. Bragg. I'm in the process of PCS'ing to Ft. McCoy for my last 2 years in the Army. I will briefly run down what I've been doing the past 15 years. As a LT. I was 1st here at Ft. Bragg where the highlights were completing jumpmaster school, earning my senior & master parachutist wings & a trip to Panama for jungle school. As a new CPT I went to Germany where the highlight was 6 months in Bosnia. I then went to Ft. Sill where I taught fire support & had 2 battery commands. The 1st was an MLRS battery that got to fire real rockets during 5 weeks @ 29 Palms & the 2nd was a training command where I had some top notch drill sergeants under me. After commands I went to Ft. Knox where I was XO & the highlights were 13 weeks @ Ft. Campbell & 8 weeks @ Ft. McCoy training guard & reserve units for Iraq & Afghanistan. After Knox I returned to Bragg where the highlights have been 11 months in Iraq & 2 months in Korea. I'm supposed to report to McCoy 1 August for my last 2 years before retirement. Looking forward to being 3 hours from home & maybe able to be home for Xmas for the 1st time in 15 years. I got married 11 years ago & we have 3 dogs. A female & male German shepherds we got in Germany & a pom my wife got when I was @ 29 Palms. I was with MAJ Arcand in Germany, but haven't seen him in 8 years. Well that's about it for now. Glad the program is still going strong & I never knew how good I had it during college/ROTC. All the way!

MAJ Leeman, S.