A Message From Scott Cummings

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

I know, I know - I said I was going to write often, but to tell the truth I have done nothing to write home about. Until this past weekend.

Up until that time I have been working very long hours trying to get our unit up and running for the remaining year that we are in Korea. Almost there, and once it is done, it should be (cross your fingers) smooth sailing the remaining time. The little bit that I have experienced Korea really was the "American Soldier" thing. Going to different bases on the peninsula and seeing what they have to offer. Shopping off post where you can get some really good deals on knock off apparel. And realizing that I should have gone into the air force!

Now that was up until this weekend. For some reason it all changed. I had the opportunity to go to a "Chinese Circus". The best way I can describe it is an 8 person "Cirque Du Sole" type act. It was absolutely amazing what they were able to do with their bodies and objects. They started off with 5 females that were each spinning 6 plates on long poles while doing acrobatics all over the stage. It only got better from there. I am going to make a copy of the videos I took and send them back to my parents house, so if you get the opportunity to see the clips, it is well worth it.

After that, my commander took all the LTs to an authentic Korean restaurant where we took off our shoes, ate on the floor, and cooked all our food on little hibachi grills in the middle of our table. It was so much fun. The best part was we had no idea what we were eating or doing. We just had a great time.

One thing I have come to realize while being here for only a short time is that it appears as though the general populous could care less that they are still "at war" with the North. And I also get the feeling that many, if not all, want it over with and the two countries joined economically. They both have so much to offer the other that it is stupid for them to be where they are with each other. Good news is it looks like things are progressing as they have just started running a shipment train between the two countries in a joint industrial area along the boarder, and are getting ready to start a commuter line with it. Everyone here calls me crazy, but I think this thing could be over with in the next 5 years.

Other than that, I am getting ready to go have Christmas dinner with all the other officers in my unit.