A Message From LTC Robert Vitt

Fighting Saints, 
It's great to see what the battalion has been up to this year. 
I wanted to share the news that two members the Fighting Saints Battalion class of 92 were selected for BN CMD.  Eric Aslakson and I were selected to command strategic Signal battalions.  Eric is slated for the 102nd SC BN in Weisbaden, Germany and I will take the 52nd in Stuttgart. Both BNs are in the 2nd SIG BDE.  Having two command in the same BDE at the same time has to be first.
I firmly believe that St. John's University and the Fight Saints Battalion provided a great leadership foundation on which to build.  All ROTC programs are not created equal.  It was obvious when I went to advance camp in 91 and when I went through IOBC in 92.  I am glad to see that you guys are continuing to churn out good leaders.  Saint John's is truly a special place.
Thank you for doing all that you do.
Bob Vitt