October 2010 Alumnae/i Notes

Keith Pritchard '91 (LTC) wrote this welcome update in Aug: "Well, I feel like a Freshman again handing in one of my Theology papers late!  I apologize that it has been so long.   As always, Melissa (Ampe '92) Pritchard and I are excited for your newsletters to arrive! Here's a quick update since we've been remiss in corresponding.  Left Ft. Bragg 2 years ago and have been back in Germany at Special Operations Command Europe in Stuttgart.  We thought we were getting a reprieve from the constant deployment cycle to Afghanistan, but had to spend some more time there this year, much shorter than the last two.  The kids are doing great. Kaileen is 14 and starts High School in a few weeks (ouch); she was Confirmed this past Spring; Connor is 12, and enjoying Scouting and backpacking; will be confirmed this year.  Both kids are playing a lot of soccer, pounding away at the piano, active in student government at school, and enjoying as much European skiing and traveling that we can cram in.  Melissa is the proverbial family glue holding everything together; running at mach 2 (as usual) between home-schooling 1/2 of the kid's education, teaching Odyssey of the Mind for the DoD schools, etc. Not sure what's coming next, but we plan to approach it like everything else, as a family adventure." Thanks very much. [email protected] 

Mark Mudrinich '01 writes from the Philippines: "I know that it has been a long time. I am currently deployed as part of Joint Special Operations Task Force Philippines.  I still proudly wear my Saint John's Clothing! When I return to the US, I will be heading to Monterey, CA to attend the Naval Post Graduate School. Anyways...the Philippines is great.  We are helping donate school books to some of the poor villages."  A bit later he wrote "I am in one of the more poverty-stricken portions of the Philippines. My unit has already done some great work here and we will be here until April. This weekend I am going to a fund-raiser for one of the local Orphanages. The Orphanage currently has over 50 kids ranging from 4 months old to 11 years old. When I toured the orphanage, I saw a beautiful baby girl (now six months old) who was abandoned in a plastic bag on the side of a fence.  I am coordinating with the Chaplain to get the orphanage basic items such as diapers and baby formula from the US." [email protected] 

Michael Henderson '06 breaks down and writes a few words: "It is always great to get your news letter and read up on how everyone is doing.  I am in Iraq.  I've been here for about 6 months; another 6 to go.  I'm still flying MEDEVAC missions. I'll be heading home to Duluth, MN for my R & R here in late Sep. to meet up with my wonderful wife Liz (Sieh '06) Henderson and to get home in time for the arrival of our first son or daughter.  Lizzy's due date is 23 Sep. and we are excited for the gift of parenthood and the adventures ahead.  Though the time home will be short I can't wait to get there." [email protected] 

From Afghanistan Cody Martin '10 writes: "I do enjoy the newsletters you send out; I'm not sure how you keep up with everyone's activities and get them all together! My wife (Teresa Stangler '10) and I have moved out to Colorado Springs, CO. We will call that home as long as the Army lets us. I am currently deployed to Afghanistan. I have only been in theater for a little over 3 weeks now so I have a ways to go before I come back home. Teresa recently picked up a job as a nurse in a jail back home and is proving to be challenging as a new grad RN since they have to be able to do a little of everything. I have no doubts CSB has prepared her for the challenge as SJU ROTC prepared me to be an army officer." [email protected]