November 2010 Alumnae/i Notes

In September Terrell Ormson '06 sent this: "I am still stationed at Fort Riley, KS, and am currently a rear-detachment commander for our combat aviation brigade.  My wife, Kelly (Webster '07) (graduated pharmacy school and received her doctorate in May, moved down here with me, and has been working at the local HyVee Store as a pharmacist. This last weekend I completed my second Ironman triathlon in Madison, WI, which consists of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run.  I broke my personal record by 7 minutes, finishing in 13 Hours, and 30 minutes.  It was a great event, and I got to see Paul Bachand '06 and Chris Herby '06 who came out for the race as well!" [email protected] 

Reik Andersen '89 gives us an update: "I gave up command of 1st Battalion, 12th Infantry (out of Ft. Carson, CO) on 12 Aug after we had returned from a year in Kandahar, Afghanistan - more specifically - Zhari disrict - birthplace of the Taliban Movement. I am now a student at the US Naval War College in Newport, RI." Lt Col/ US Army/ [email protected].   

And from Korea comes word (finally!) from Doug Pietrowski '91: "I'm still in the Army and was the Professor of Military Science at the College of William and Mary.  Although it was a great school, we decided to take advantage of an opportunity to head to Daegu, Korea last summer after two years in Williamsburg." They are doing well in Korea, taking advantage of all the opportunities and travel, including for Susan and Brynn (age 6) Taekwondo. "We are active in the Korean-American Partnership Assoc, a cultural exchange program, where we've been partnered with a Korean family and 4 Korean college students.  A great experience; very rewarding and educational.  We'll be in Korea until May 2012 and then plan to head back to the States for one last assignment prior to retiring to the Little Falls area and becoming farmers." Thanks! LTC/ Commander, AFSBn-NEA/ Camp Carroll, Korea, APO AP 96260-5704/ Cell: 010-4818-4043/ [email protected]