November 2008 Alumnae/i Notes

Jake Froehle '97 (Major) writes from Colorado Springs: "It was no San Francisco, but Stef '97 and I just got back from an awesome little trip to coastal Maine.  Stayed at some quaint little B&Bs, drove the coast, went into the hills, and ate some lobster rolls. "It was a great time and sort of a 10th anniversary present.  We saw some remarkable coloring; much like that which you see around SJU but missed the peak by about 7-8 days.  We caught the end of Hurricane Ike (pretty anticlimactic) but nevertheless we had a great time." [email protected] 

Casey Campbell '05 wrote: "After a long and exhausting last few weeks, I'm finally back home in Germany from Iraq.  Reunited with Michelle (Boys) '05 was the happiest moment of my life. Watching my Soldiers race to hug their wives and kids was a truly special experience.  I'm very humbled by everyone's generosity.  Our single soldiers went back to their barracks rooms and had cares packages, gift baskets, freshly made beds with new sheets, personal items that were sent by their parents, friends, etc., and a beer in their fridge compliments of our Company First Sergeant. To everyone who sent cards, food, toiletries, movies, and many other things, I thank you so much. There have been so many who have been such an important part of this deployment for Michelle and I.... Thanks to everyone for their continuing prayer for Michelle, Me, and my soldiers.  It's have been a trying 15 months and I have learned a lot about myself and thank God for this entire experience.  This deployment has helped me realize how completely dependent on Him we are"  [email protected]