May 2012 Alumnae/i Notes

Not really a choice vacation spot, but nevertheless a postcard came from Afghanistan, from Keith Becker '05. Though in the Navy, somehow he is stationed at FOB Salerno quite a ways inland. He has about five or six months more to go. "It has been a great journey so far and I pray it continues to be." [email protected]

Newly commissioned 2nd Lieutenants from ROTC; place of Officer Basic Course given also: Marissa Y. Daly '13, Adjutant General, Fort Jackson, SC; Bradley M. Downs '12, Field Artillery, Fort Sill, OK; Edward Githiora '12, Army Nurse, Fort Sam Houston, TX; Margaret M. Gregg '11, Ordnance, Fort Lee, VA; Patrick Heagel '12, Chemical, Fort Leonard Wood, MO; Gretchen Leyendecker '11, Ordnance, Fort Lee; Ryan P. Miller '12, Chemical, Fort Leonard Wood; Samuel Mock '13, Field Artillery, Fort Sill; Matthew Mollet '12, Transportation, Fort Lee; Jacob Morris '12, Engineer, Fort Leonard Wood; Rachel Stobb '12, Engineer, Fort Leonard Wood; John D. Thompson '12, Transportation, Fort Lee; Benedict F. Zilka '12, Engineer, Fort Leonard Wood. Congratulations! 

"I am writing to you from the City of Brotherly Love," writes John Boucher '90. "I am on a training mission this week, one of my last as a senior military instructor for the Dept of Defense. The 4 JABS (John, Jill, Jack (8) and James (3)) will be moving to where I began my military career in '90 at Fort Huachuca, AZ. I will be assuming command of a Joint Center of Excellence Brigade this June. The Army has selected me for promotion to Colonel hence the curtailed tour at this location." Congratulations! Children Jack and James, respectively "Gen. and Adm., are doing well. Wife Jill has now acclimatized to living back in the USA after the high life of being the wife of a military diplomat in Morocco; she is now her own maid, nanny, cook and chauffeur, a departure from life in Rabat. We are looking forward to the move out West but do miss the overseas living adventures." [email protected]

April 19 a call punctuated my early afternoon and I ended up accompanying Chris Carson, father of a current student and of another about to enter next fall, to the Local Blend for a coffee. Chris is a brother of Curtis '87, now a Colonel in the Army, stationed in Germany with his family.

And from Afghanistan in early April came this from Jake Haider '10: "Afghanistan is going to be a tremendous opportunity to learn, grow and experience. It may be hot, windy and dusty, along with the usual lack of comforts from home such as warm showers but truly I have no complaints. There is coffee (for now- and rest assured I will send out an emergency request if our supply gets low!) and the food is pretty good. And I have great companions here. . . . And having less distractions and a more spartan environment present a person with the opportunity to focus on personal development. . . . It is truly a privilege to serve and I would not trade this opportunity. . . . And I have people back home praying for me and supporting me, a priceless gift . . . My one regret and sadness over here is the experiences and moments in your lives that I am missing. Truly it is relationships that form the foundation of life. . . . Besides the locals, I am getting to know some from India and Kenya who work here. Simply talking to them, asking where they are from and learning their names means the world to them." No surprise here for those who know Jake!! Jake also writes about how impressed he is with how Muslims punctuate the day with prayer. [email protected]

Around April 20 two star General (Major Gen) Tim McHale '77 was here; I lunched with him and he visited old friend Don LeMay '49 also. He is retiring in June.