March-May 2010 Alumnae/i Notes

An article in the St. Benedict's Magazine is available online by clicking on St. Benedict alumnae and looking for the subject title Deploying the Elusive Image. It describes a publication by Monica Haller '02 and Riley Sharbonno '02.  Riley was stationed in Abu Ghraib prison in 2004-05.  "The first sentence of the book - actually it's on the cover - is 'This is not a book.' If one wants to know why one is then purchasing it from the book section of Barnes and Noble, the answer is that it is an invitation to explore the nature of memory, the nature of how war is experienced by individuals, mass culture's habit of using the camera as prosthesis, and how a visual narrative can lead to healing."

From Iraq Bruce Jensen '90 writes: "I have been in Balad, Iraq since 8 Nov 09 and have been running ever since." His battalion has the task of "receiving all of the equipment such as trucks, tanks, fighting vehicles, radios, etc. (we call it Class VII Major End Items) from all of the units that are leaving Iraq." Long hours have the advantage of making time go fast with little time to miss home. "Although Joint Base Balad is one of the better forward operating bases in Iraq (or so I have been told) this place is still a dump in my book. I cannot wait to get home and enjoy the greenery. Thanks to modern communications I can talk to my kids on a regular basis and Skype them from my room." He should be home this July and returns to Fort Benning, GA this Nov and then home. He says of the weather that "any day in MN is better than a day here!" 27 May marks 20 years since he was commissioned. " All in all, the Army has been really good to me." He sends a picture with Gen Dunwoody, HQ commander. She is the first four star general in American history. "I am heading to Doha, Qatar on Fri. for a four day pass. I have not had a day off since New Year's day and that was my only day off in the last 5 months. I need the break!" Major, Logistics/ Acting Battalion Commander/ 2d Battalion, 402d Army Field Support Brigade Joint Base Balad, Iraq/ [email protected]

LTC James Fischer, professor and chair of the Military Science Dept. (ROTC) reported this Mar. 26: "Last weekend, we sent three teams and individuals to participate in the 21st Annual Bataan Memorial Death March at White Sands, NM - an event which honors the sacrifice of the defenders of Bataan (to include a unit from MN) during WWII.  The 18 Cadets and four Cadre travelled in vans over 2,400 miles round trip in order to run a full marathon across the high desert and mountains with more than 5,500 people from around the world. Our teams competed in the Co-ed Military Light category, one of several heavy (with 35lb pack) and light (without pack) groupings. They took first and second place in their event category.  We are very proud of their accomplishment.  They had been training early mornings since Nov. beginning sometimes as early as 3:30 am.  They are required to keep their grades up or leave the team."