June 2007 Alumnae/i Notes

Mike Roder ’00 reports from Colorado Springs CO: “Talia ‘02 and I welcomed our 2nd son, Owen Patrick, on 15 Mar.  We've been lucky enough to be at Fort Carson for the past four years and with an upcoming deployment back to Iraq later this year. Talia has resigned from her position as a music teacher to take on the challenge of being a full time mom.  She tells me it's a toss up to which is more challenging but two year old Wyatt runs circles around us so I think she'll have her work cut out for her.” Congratulations!

Dave (Mitchell) Johnson ’99 writes from Roseau MN: “I've returned to the army.  I joined an Army Reserve Civil Affairs battalion based in Arden Hills, MN.  We deploy sometime this fall. Right now, I've gotta focus on getting ‘reclassed’ into the Civil Affairs branch before we go.  I'll receive that training at Fort Bragg, NC from May to July.”

This from Brad Hazen ‘02. “I am writing to let you all know about my up coming fun filled, all expense paid trip to sunny and sandy Kuwait.  I am getting deployed, and like some of my Navy counterparts I will get to experience the summer heat in a place that doesn't sell Miller Lite. The info I have is minimal. I will be leaving some time in June/July to the states for training and after an unknown amount of time heading to a 6 month plus tour in Kuwait.

Richard Martinson ‘04, home from Iraq for R & R, was at Saint John’s over the April 27-28 weekend (attended the ROTC Ball) and I ran into him here. He managed to squeeze Pinestock in too! He returned to Iraq 2 May. Good to see him. His first letter once back in Iraq was entitled: “Return from paradise.” I guess he enjoyed his R and R.  He thanks all the people who made it so great.

Flight school is going great!  I've had 2 solo flights in the helicopter so far, and everything is busy, but fun and worth it too.”  So writes Terrell Ormson ‘06 in the army, I presume at Ft Rucker AL.

Matt Bruns ‘04 is back in Mpls. as of early May where he will continue therapy for his shoulder while with wife and child: “It is such a great feeling being back! As anyone can imagine there is so much work to do around the house etc., but I’m limited with my shoulder.”  Great for him, Amanda and Cam!

Also in early May this came from CPT Bill Johnson, Jr. '95.  “All is well in Kuwait.  I'll be moving into Baghdad this coming weekend.  Time is going fast now and I hope it continues this way! 

Marcus Needham ‘04 and Theresa are going for his R&R from Iraq to Iceland! “We will spend the first week at a little cottage in a fishing village near Keflavik. For the remainder of the time we have an apartment in Reykjavik. We are going to try to take in as much of the beautiful (and expensive with 24.5% VAT) country. Places of interest are the Blue Lagoon, snowmobiling on the glaciers, Nordic Horseback riding in the canyon passes, whale and puffin watching, possibly travelling to Grimsey Island in the Arctic Circle and Greenland, as well as around the country. We will experience 21 hours of light, so my lack of sleep will pay off!” 

-- Proud wife, April Reibestein 97 reports that husband Jeff ‘97 who is currently doing graduate work in ND was promoted to Major on 1 June. Congratulations. Joe Schotzko ‘97wrote in mid-Apr; “I'm writing from Iraq; the army thought I needed a vacation and the only way they could think of doing it was to send me to the beach for 10 days.  It’s kind of funny being over here as an observer for a very short period. I've toured 3 hospitals since I'm going to be in charge of planning exercises for reserve medical units deploying through Ft McCoy this summer.  The military has a funny sense of humor: a Field Artillery Major with no experience in anything medical, in charge of exercises for hospitals that often have in excess of 6 full bird Colonels.”