February 2008 Alumnae/i Notes

At Mass Sun., Dec 9 at St. Paul’s Priory (Benedictine Sisters in St Paul) were Jake ‘97 and Stefanie ‘97 Froehle and Steven and Wesley. Jake was home on a short leave from Afghanistan and we were able to have brunch after the Mass. Jake is due home in April.

[On the 7th of December] the surprise visitor at Noon prayer was Rob Bauleke '07 who is in the Army.

From Hawaii: Doug ‘91 and Susan ‘92 Pietrowski  report that after five years in the Islands, his next assignment will be to the ROTC program at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg VA as of June. The tour in Hawaii was interrupted by time in Iraq from which Doug returned in June and after which he was promoted to Lt Col.

As of 18 Nov Mark Mahowald '89 (Major) retired from the Army after 22 years.  Quoth Mark: “I need more time for my family and I really don’t want to spend another year in Iraq. I will miss the extra income and the camaraderie.” [email protected].

Marcus '04 and Teresa '04 Needham also stopped by for lunch one day. They were on a visit to MN; Marcus is in the Army in TX where they now have a new address5745-1 Bailey St / Fort Hood, Texas 76544.

Jeff Vos '93 writes from Texas that he will be leaving the Army in June.  He has decided to take a job at West Virginia University medical school and hospital.  He says he will start as an associate professor and be teaching medical students as well as the residents in the pathology residency program; in time he will be taking over the Hematopathology program. It sounds like they will be in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Another exotic venue. Tom Habstritt '90 wrote: "I was promoted to lieutenant colonel on 1 April 07." Congratulations.  He and wife Selvi visited friends in IL and MN before taking off to a new assignment at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Egypt, where they arrived on 6 July.  "I am working in the Office of Military Cooperation, helping manage the military assistance that the US provides to Egypt. Selvi found a job teaching first graders at the British School of Cairo.  The little rugrats drive her "crazy, but she seems to be doing very well. We have not yet completely adjusted to life in Cairo yet.  The biggest issues are the horrendous traffic with an almost complete absence of traffic rules, the trash and pollution, and the fact that everyone seems to have their hand out for a tip.  Some ex-pats living here like to call Egypt the "land of not quite right."  We are heading to Rome and Venice over the Christmas holiday."  New address: OMC/LF/ Unit 64901 Box 29/ APO AE 09839.

"I (Aaron Cronin '99) am currently an aviation physician assistant at Ft. Campbell after a fantastic 6-year stint in Vilseck, Katterbach, and Wiesbaden, Germany. During those years, I was fortunate to run into Jake Scott 98 in Kuwait, Ryan Bromenschenkel ’99 at gunnery in Vilseck, and Stephen Schmelzer ’00 during an FTX in Grafenwoehr. My 101st battalion is deploying to Kandahar in Jan. 08 for some more fun in the sun. If there are any Johnnies in the AO, it’d be great to see them. I also recently married in Mpls.  Rosielle is a fellow Army captain.  I had an awesome surprise when CPT Dave Johnson ‘99 attended my bachelor’s party in St. Paul.  It’s always fantastic to see him and catch up on old times."   APA-C/ CPT, SP/ 5-101 Air Assault Battalion / Physician Assistant/ 101St Division  [email protected].

(From Trent Johnson '03) "I also managed to sneak out and see Chris Thelen '04, stationed in Fort Drum, in upstate NY and did a 30 mile hike through the Adirondack Mountains."

A call came Fri. morning Jan.  25 from Jim Pfaff '78 (E. M. Dr., retired Colonel) in TX. He has been teaching at Brooke Army medical center in Austin, TX.  The purpose of the call was to tell me that he will be leaving this week for Fort Benning for a week's training and then by early Feb.  For Iraq where he will work as an emergency physician (a civilian) in Tikrit for 90 days, returning to TX in May.

Ben Selzer '00  [email protected]  wrote before Christmas and I summarize. He says: "I didn't think I'd ever say this, but I am staying in the Army, at least for a few more years. I will get back from Iraq later this year." He says he has submitted a contract to switch from aviation to the foreign area officer program and he has been accepted for this. After his current deployment he and Angie will move to Monterey, CA for six to 16 months of language training followed by a year of study and travel in a country in line with his region of assignment.

Jon Neumann '95 writes: "Najla and I moved the family back from Germany in Aug." In Nov. Jon left the Army and joined the Air Force; he is now stationed at Edwards Air Force Base near the Mojave Desert.

A quick note from KuwaitDave Mitchell Johnson '99: "We have a couple weeks of trainups here before we head north to the never-never land. Its flat, windy, and dirty and blowing dirt/sand everywhere.  There are lots of coffee shops and fast food places, barber shops, etc.  The second thing I did here, after eating in the mess hall, was go to, of all places, Starbucks.  It might as well have been in Seattle, except there was a little more dirt on the floor and there barriers for blast protection.  We are living in huge, quonset-style tents that house well over 60 people.  We have trailers nearby that have showers and sinks. Portapotties for the rest. No word yet on my address or where we are going." [email protected].

Aaron Cronin '99 has arrived in Kandahar, Afghanistan as of mid-- Jan. He says: "It's good to know other Johnnies are in country. I'll be at Task Force 5-101 Aviation Aid Station if anyone is in the area." [email protected]  -- Michelle Campbell '05 wrote in mid-Jan. on behalf of Casey '05 and herself about an article in the Washington Post last week which described how Casey's unit, in the middle of an operation, stopped to help a pregnant woman.  "His platoon was the first "on the scene".  When you read the quote "This lady's about to pop!" by an unnamed soldier ....that was totally Casey!"   She and Casey get to talk about once a week. She says: "Casey only gets to go back to the FOB (the base) every 5 days or so.  They sleep in Iraqi homes at night, and run missions all day.  It's pretty much non-stop until they get a day off to sleep, shower, and shave (and hopefully call)." [email protected] Email address for Casey is :  [email protected] and his mailing address is:  1LT Casey Campbell/ 2nd Platoon, Hawk Company, 312 SCR/ Unit #43464/APO AE 09322.