August 2010 Alumnae/i Notes

Greg Sandquist '10 wrote in May: "Now, I am in VA south of Richmond. I will be living here in a Holiday Inn for four months. [I presume this is part of his military training.] It was sad to truly be leaving home but I know God will be with me in this great adventure of life. Anyway, I want to let you know that I will be thinking of the greatest four years of my life with fondness." [email protected]  

Dave (Mitchell) Johnson '99 (lived on first Mary when I did for three years!) writes a rare note: "Finished up in April a one year active duty tour at Fort McCoy, WI.  Back to reserve status now, living in Woodbury, MN, and going to school to be a cop!  I'm looking at another deployment in the winter of 2011. At McCoy I worked quite a bit with an outstanding Johnny, CPT Casey Campbell '05 and ran into MAJ Steve Heinz '98 before I left.  I hadn't seen him since 1998!" Always good to run into Johnnies! [email protected] 

This came in early Aug from Maj. Joe Schotzko '97: "I am currently stationed in FOB Wilson, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan, just west of Kandahar City about 30 km. [This must be his third or fourth deployment.] My Brigade Combat Team is responsible for the Arghandab River Valley, a very dangerous area. Our BDE has taken a lot of casualties and we are only 2 months into our deployment.  We spent the most part of the first month getting our infrastructure built as we did not replace any unit but rather are part of the surge." One of their battalions replaced another commanded by LTC Reik Andersen '89!  "Last night I was able to call home.  While I was on the phone with Laura '99, our daughter Carmen took her first crawl. It was neat that it happened while I was on the phone." [email protected]