August 2007 Alumnae/i Notes

Nancy ‘89 and Bill ‘90 Kundinger enjoyed Bill’s couple weeks of R & R from Iraq with a cruise to Bermuda and a week in Gatlinburg TN. He is now back in Iraq.

Mark ’89 and Kammey Mahowald were up to Saint John’s late one Sun late in July and “had a great day on campus.  What a pure joy!  We got there a little after 11 and left about 3.  We took in lunch at the refectory and the girls thought it was "Too Cool" eating lunch with all those "college" folks!  It was so fun.  We then hiked to the old chapel; after that we took in the beach to cool off before heading home.” Mark is back recently from Iraq.  Richard Martinson ‘04 wrote in early Aug and it sounds like he should be back from Iraq by now.  “Hey, I ran into 2LT Chris Lohmer ’06 here at Anaconda. It's good to see another Johnnie. Thanks for letting me know that Casey Campbell ‘05 is on his way too.” He said he was due to go to Ft Riley KS to help prepare for the returning soldiers in his unit.

Nate Modeen ‘95 returned from his second or third tour in Iraq on 27 July to Grand Forks ND.

Shawn '98 and Elisabeth (Steele '98) Kadlec moved in June to the Atlanta area with daughter Sonora (4 in Oct) and son Carson (18 months).  They had been in NJ with a bomb squad company for 30 months, 6 months of which were in Baghdad.  “I am now the Future Operations Officer for the 52nd Ordnance Group.  The plus side to a staff job is a regular schedule and being able to enjoy some long overdue family time.” They love the area where they are now “aside from the unbelievable August heat and humidity.”  Address is: 120 Jenny Court/ Fayetteville, GA 30215/ 678.817.9809.  They vacationed in MN and were able to visit with Christy Doboszenski (Mazzonni '96) and her 2 children.  Brad ('95) was in Korea.  They also saw Julie Nilsson (Russomanno '98), Mike and Jodi (Friedrich) Berndt (both '98), and Beth Friedrichs (Mazzonni '99) over the course of their travels. 

Kevin McCabe ’07 left Saint John’s in late Aug after being gold bar recruiter for the summer and is off to Ft Benning GA for infantry school.

Another move; there seems to be one almost every issue for Paul ‘86 and Susan Nakasone. This time it’s to: 4341 Wright Ave/ Fort Meade MD 20755-2210 with 410.874.8549

Good to hear from Jake Froehle ‘97 in Afghanistan: “My days are absolutely flying by and I really have lost track of time.  The good news is that the Afghan Army Battalion that my team and I mentor is making a lot of progress.  They love to say "If God is willing, it will happen" or "En shalla" instead of just putting forth the effort to get it done.  Every religious person understands that it is God's will and not our own, but we also know and understand that you have to work to get things accomplished.  Anyway, it's frustrating at times but they are doing well and I am excited about their progress.”

Jake Scott ’98 -- am currently a seminary student at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO (The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod.)  I've finished my second year of studies.  I've been selected for an exchange program with a seminary in Germany and will be studying this next year at the Lutherische Theologische Hochschule in Oberursel, Germany, just north of Frankfurt.  Upon return from Germany, I will serve a one-year vicarage (location to be determined).  Then, I will return to St. Louis for a final year of preparation for the ministry. I am still single and still connected to the military.  Last week I was accepted to the Army Chaplain Candidate Program.  This will enable me to reenter active service after finishing my Master of Divinity and serving two years in a parish. My brother Steve '05, (1LT, U.S. Army) arrived in Kuwait ten days ago and is preparing to head north into Iraq. (His unit is out of Vilseck, Germany.) Last week, I had the privilege of reconnecting with some friends from SJU over dinner in Bloomington: George Martenson ‘98, John Tupy ‘98, Zach Papenhausen ‘98, and Jon Brothen ‘98.” 

From the Campbells, Casey ‘05  and Michelle ‘ 05 some information about Casey’s deployment to Iraq.  Michelle is doing some teaching in Germany: Michelle Campbell/ CMR 411 Box 1067/ APO AE 09112.  She sends Casey’s address: 1 LT Casey Campbell/ S-1 / HHC / 3-2 SCR/ Unit #43464/ APO AE 09322. Michelle says: “Our FRG (Family Readiness Group) will eventually be making care packages.   You are more than welcome to send me anything you think they might need or want.  For example, old magazines (Newsweek,Time,Sports Illustrated), travel toiletries, baby wipes, old books, etc.  You can send them to me, or if you can send them to Casey and he can hand them out to guys.  (Oh - and don't forget there are some women there too...).”