April 2011 Alumnae/i Notes

"Greetings from Afghanistan.  I am in the southern province of Helmand at Camp Dwyer - very remote - the same place where Prince Harry was stationed a few years ago.  I have 3 children now - Kiely (4), Emily (2) and I sadly did miss the birth of John Paul "JP" last month but my bride, MacLean, had plenty of wonderful support from her family who lives just south of San Francisco (Woodside). I am enjoying my 14th year in the Army now as a MAJ working in Public Health - As the "gold" leaf indicates I am a "freshman" again - as the entry level of the Field Grade ranks.... a young guy playing with the big dogs - LTCs and COLs.  I really enjoy the public health specialty - the professional challenges are still driving me to grow. Recently I heard the good news that I was picked up for the RAND Fellowship program, out of Santa Monica, CA.  I am pretty excited to see how the corporate world/research world runs from the paradigm of an insider." [email protected] 

LT Andrew Canfield '10 wrote on St. Patrick's Day: "I am currently in southern Afghanistan as many other Johnnies are as well. I am an MFT platoon leader, an intelligence focused element. I've only been here for a little over a month. I plan to visit in Aug. when I'm back in the US. My cousin, Christian Welle '08 is getting married in Aug. and so is a close friend of mine, Matthew Mulligan '10." Through e-mail addresses and other information in this letter, Andrew, Cody Martin '09 and Joe Schotzko '97 were able to get together in Afghanistan, meet each other, etc. [email protected]