April 2009 Alumnae/i Notes

News from Aaron Cronin '99: "In Jan '09, my family and I attended a MN Wild hockey game; I recognized Sean Magnuson '96 sitting a few rows in front.  I hadn't seen him since 1997, so it was a total surprise.  He's doing very well: was ordained as a Catholic Priest recently and is coordinating to return to active duty.  Someday he'll be one of our battalion chaplains.  Now that I'm back from Afghanistan (where I ran into MAJ Jake Froehle) my wife and I are PCSing to Fort Lewis this spring to attend the Army's Physician Assistant Emergency Medicine program.  Thanks to COL Jim Pfaff '78 for initially inspiring me to practice Army emergency medicine. [email protected]

"During my time at SJU I received two letters from Br. Dietrich," writes Jason Kruger '94.  "The first was a short congratulatory note upon the ROTC Ranger Challenge Team's success at winning a military competition.  The second was just prior to graduating and being commissioned.  To quote: 'As a graduate of SJU, you are uniquely qualified to assume the duties of an Army Officer...you will take with you the benefits of an education based on the Catholic and Benedictine values, traditions, and principles of this university.'  To this day I still have both letters.  As my 20th reunion is approaching, I reflect on how those values, traditions, and principles have guided me not only in the military, but also in my government service with the FBI, and most importantly my family.  Men like Br. Dietrich truly do have an impact on the graduates of SJU." [email protected]

From CO word from Jake '97 and Stef '97 (Kegler) Froehle: "Steven and Wesley miss the St. Joseph Lab School as they are now going to a huge elementary school here on Ft. Carson. Stef has been enjoying her time at home...as have I.  It's been nice living on post and enjoying a lot more quality family together than we've ever had.  I take the kids to school most mornings and get to come home for lunch almost every day and see Stef for a little bit." Before this Jake has had several tours in Iraq, Afghanistan and Bosnia.  MAJ Jake Froehle/ First Army-Division West/ G3 - Aviation / Ft. Hood MTC AO/ COMM: 719-526-5388/ DSN:  691-5388/ BlackBerry: 719-447-5031/ NIPR: [email protected] / SIPR: [email protected]