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Who We Are

College is considered a time for personal discovery and learning. It should come as no surprise that students often ask a very basic question - who am I?  Our Cadets are normal college students in so many ways, but they already know who they will be: LEADERS. Through ROTC, they learn exactly what it means to be a leader.

Creeds are statements of what we believe.  They provide an ideal, a standard, and a goal to which we aspire; they help define who we are.  Our Cadet Creed is no different.  It tells us what we ought to be, what we can be, and what we will be.  This Creed and others help our Cadets learn what it means to be a leader.  Our Cadets show their dedication and their potential for leadership in all they do.

As you look at our year in review, you will see how your Cadets pursue leadership excellence.  

You will see that they connect to the past by participating in a staff ride of the Dakota Uprising of 1862, competing in the Bataan Memorial Marches, touring the National Mall and memorials, providing the color guard at the September 12th commemoration, and participating in the St. Cloud Veterans' Day Parade.  

You will see that they are the present. They are developing their leadership through scholarship, physical fitness training, Ranger Challenge, Warrior Forge, Leader's Training Course, Association of the United States Army (AUSA), the Army Ten-Miler, the Bataan Memorial Marathon and by volunteering in our community.  

You will see that they are the future- living the Army Values, studying the Soldier's Creed, learning the Code of Conduct, and earning their commission.

Who are we? We are America's Future Leaders. We are the Fighting Saints!

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