REDTalks 2014


"Fantasy Football from a Lineman's Point of View" 

John Tuvey '89 has been playing fantasy football for more than a quarter century and professionally helping others win their leagues for over a decade. The former FSWA Fantasy Football Writer of the Year finalist currently serves as senior NFL Analyst at The Huddle, part of the USA Today Sports Media Group; you may also know him from KFAN's wildly popular "Fantasy Football Weekly," which he has co-hosted for the past eight years.

"A Gift of Time: Continuing a Pregnancy When a Baby's Life is Expected to be Brief"

Amy Kuebelbeck '86, a former reporter and editor for The Associated Press and other news organizations, is author of A Gift of Time: Continuing Your Pregnancy When Your Baby's Life Is Expected to Be Brief  (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2011) and Waiting with Gabriel: A Story of Cherishing a Baby's Brief Life (Loyola Press, 2003). Both books are used by many hospitals and clinics as resources for patients. She edits the website, a clearinghouse of information about perinatal hospice and palliative care. Kuebelbeck has been invited to speak at numerous medical conferences across the U.S., Canada, and as far away as England and New Zealand about the issues raised in her books, and she has been quoted by media including The New York Times and in stories about perinatal hospice and related issues.

"Humans of New York project arrives at CSB/SJU"

The humans behind The Humans of CSB/SJU project: Beth Leipholtz '15, communication major; Michael Swearingen '17, computer science major; Frannie Pearson '16; Cody Hason '15, political science major; Sarah Ober '15, communication major.

"Perspectives on Relations between Iran and the United States"

Jon Armajani is Associate Professor in the undergraduate Department of Theology at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University. He earned his Bachelor of Arts, Phi Beta Kappa, at Oberlin College, Master of Divinity at Princeton Theological Seminary, and Ph.D. in Religious Studies with a focus on Islamic and Near Eastern Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He is the author of Dynamic Islam: Liberal Muslim Perspectives in a Transnational Age (2004) and Modern Islamist Movements: History, Religion, and Politics (2012), and is co-editor, with James E. Lindsay, of Historical Dimensions of Islam: Pre-Modern and Modern Periods; Essays in Honor of R. Stephen Humphreys (2009).

"What is a Monster?"

Shane Miller, CSB/SJU Associate Professor of Communication, Gender Studies Chair


"Beyond the Soup Kitchen"

Natalie Keane '13 is the AmeriCorps Volunteer in Service to America (VISTA) for the CSB Community Kitchen program through the Office of Experiential Learning & Community Engagement at College of Saint Benedict (CSB). Natalie graduated from CSB in May 2013 with a bachelor's in philosophy, pre-medicine pre-professional track. She is also a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Academic Honor Society. While a student at CSB, Natalie was very active in the Sustainability Alliance which inspired her interests in environmental, social and economic sustainability and justice. Through Natalie's leadership and collaborative work, CSB Community Kitchen launched October 2013 and has served over 700 meals, devoted 300 volunteer hours and redistributed over 700lbs of food from campus surplus.

2014 REDTalks Emcee

Sally Koering Zimney '99 is a presentation consultant and coach who works with speakers, presenters and performers to not only improve the content, clarity and delivery of their messages, but to help them dig deeper in the process and come out on the other side transformed in some small way, knowing more about themselves. She works to dy-mystify public speaking, and reveal the simple truth of it: we have to share our authentic selves, ethically and intentionally, and that is what moves people. She uses her skills as a coach and speaker to move people - whether that's in a board room or in front of 500 people on a stage - by sharing messages and stories in a way that help connect us more to each other. Sally has a background in theater, thousands of hours building hundreds of presentations, and award-winning expertise in public speaking. She loves helping people MOVE others.

"Plants Through a New Lens: Botanical Time-Lapse"

Cody Groen '14 is a senior at CSB/SJU, majoring in biology and minoring in history. While grounded in plant sciences, Cody's studies have led to an interdisciplinary passion. In spring of 2013, he became interested in sharing his passion for botany with the general public. This endeavor led to the development of a bi-monthly botanical column in the CSB/SJU campus newspaper, The Record, various presentations and seminars on plants of interest in the Melancon Greenhouse at Saint John's University, and a multitude of pieces in artistic expression. Groen is trained by CSB/SJU art department faculty in both 2D and 4D modes and has developed techniques in drawing, photographing and filming botanical subjects. Groen helped develop a high-quality, professional time-lapse laboratory space for the CSB/SJU biology department. Groen creates stunning, high-definition works that, in his words, "create a seamless illusion, give life to subjects through dynamic video, and lends motion and new beauty to a spectrum of life vulnerable to being seen as immobile and insignificant." Cody works at the CSB/SJU Bailey Herbarium and the Melancon Greenhouse, sells his art, and creates botanical documentaries and videos among many other things. 

"Sitting is the New Smoking"

Mary Stenson is an Assistant Professor of Exercise Science and Sport Studies at CSB/SJU. She earned her Bachelor of Science Degree at Niagara University in Biology and both her Masters and Doctorate in Exercise Physiology from Springfield College. At CSB/SJU, she teaches courses in health & fitness, sports nutrition, exercise physiology, and research methods. Her scholarly interests are in athletic performance and recovery, specifically the use of cold water immersion as a recovery treatment, as well as general health and sedentary physiology. Many of her scholarly interests stem from her own experiences as an athlete; she has been running competitively for almost 20 years.


"When Generations Connect"

Scott Zimmer '00 Scott is part of the BridgeWorks team, a company dedicated to the study of generational differences since its inception in 1998. BridgeWorks is also known for their best-selling business books When Generations Collide: Who They Are. Why They Clash. How to Solve the Generational Puzzle at Work (HarperCollins) and The M-Factor (Harper Business). Scott is a seasoned public speaker, writer and market researcher. With 12 years of speaking experience, he's developed a unique presenting style that uses insight, humor and generational research to foster an evironment where every generation feels understood. Scott works with companies across the country to help them understand how they can best maximize their young talent, as well as maintain connections with their experienced workforce, to drive innovation and sustainability. "Whether you're a seasoned veteran managing those younger than you are, a skilled Gen Xer managing upward, or the new Millennial in the workplace, Scott Zimmer's practical insights will help you." Scott graduated from Saint John's University in 2000 with a BA in Communications. When he's not researching or presenting, he enjoys his other role as a self-proclaimed movie-buff.


 "The Bystander Effect: Is It Our Business?"

Lori Klapperich, M.S. is the Assistant Director of Health Promotion at College of Saint Benedict & Saint John's University. She received her Master's degree in Physical Education specializing in Exercise Physiology and Health Promotion from Montana State University in Bozeman. She has a B.A. in Business Administration from Augsburg College. Lori worked in public health directing community health promotion for 12-1/2 years before coming to CSB/SJU in November of 2000. Lori directs the health promotion strategies, activities and other efforts targeted toward CSB and SJU students, including the student surveys in alcohol and drug use and general health, as well as the partnerships with faculty, staff and other groups and individuals to create an environment at the institutions that supports and encourages positive, healthy behavior.  Lori spent the last four years developing, piloting, and implementing a bystander intervention program at CSB/SJU.