Bus Schedule

Reunion 2024

The Link bus will be providing bus transportation between both campuses all day on Friday, June 21 until 2 a.m., and on Saturday, June 22 until 2 a.m. This will provide Reunion 2024 attendees with convenient transportation between both campuses to enjoy the variety of events planned throughout the weekend.

Bus Schedule for both Friday, June 21 and Saturday, June 22

Note: Bus from SJU to CSB will drop off at Gorecki and Lot 1 (this is at 4-way stop of College Ave. and Minnesota St. in St. Joseph)

Bus from Gorecki to Flynntown & Sexton Bus from Sexton & Flynntown to Gorecki
8:00am 8:15am
9:00am 9:15am
10:00am 10:15am
11:00am 11:15am
12:00pm 12:15pm
12:30pm 12:45pm
1:00pm 1:15pm
1:30pm 1:45pm
2:00pm 2:15pm
2:30pm 2:45pm
3:00pm 3:15pm
3:30pm 3:45pm
4:00pm 4:15pm
4:30pm 4:45pm
5:00pm 5:15pm
5:30pm 5:45pm
6:00pm 6:15pm
6:30pm 6:45pm
7:00pm 7:15pm
7:30pm 7:45pm
8:00pm 8:15pm
8:30pm 8:45pm
9:00pm 9:15pm
9:30pm 9:45pm
10:00pm 10:15pm
10:30pm 10:45pm
11:00pm 11:15pm
11:30pm 11:45pm
12:00am 12:15am
12:30am 12:45pm
LAST BUS 1:00am LAST BUS 1:15am