2023 CSB Reunion Awards

The CSB Alumnae Board, on behalf of College of Saint Benedict, presents Reunion Awards to outstanding alumnae from reunion years whose daily lives reflect and honor the Benedictine tradition and mission of our alma mater. Nominations are accepted each year. For more information regarding the nomination process, please contact the Alumnae Relations Office.

Janet Setter Dryer ’83

Sister Emmanuel Renner Award honors an alumna for her service to the College of Saint Benedict and recognizes her contributions as a leader, steward and volunteer to her alma mater.

Alumna Profile: Janet has had an undeniably successful career in business. She has been named one of the most-admired CEOs in the Twin Cities, a CEO of the Year, an Entrepreneur of the Year and a Titan of Tech. But she is also a dedicated volunteer and a passionate advocate. Recently, that has led Janet and her husband Dan (SJU ’80) to create the Dryer Scholarship at CSB and SJU. Each year, four graduates of Cristo Rey Jesuit High School – two Bennies and two Johnnies – are selected to receive about $20,000 annually (enough to finance the gap other sources like Pell Grants and Minnesota State Grants don’t cover). Their hope for the scholarship is to send over 100 students to college.

Angela Steward-Randle ’88

Distinguished Alumna Award honors an alumna who has distinguished herself for outstanding achievements in her chosen profession and has made a lasting contribution in her field as a role model and leader for all alumnae.

Alumna Profile: When she retired as a colonel, Angie was one of the highest-ranking African-American women in the history of the Minnesota National Guard. She rose through the military ranks, deploying to Kosovo in 2003-04 and to Iraq in 2009-10. She spent 30 years in uniform from her days as an ROTC cadet at CSB and SJU to her retirement in 2018. Simultaneous to her military service, she spent 17 years working as a full-time civilian federal technician employee with the Minnesota National Guard – working in logistical and human resources roles. Since retirement, she has joined Neighborhood House in St. Paul to help fight homelessness, and currently serves as human resources director.

Jennifer Coe Fulton ’93

Benedictine Service Award honors an alumna who has made a significant impact on those around her for her continued commitment and contributions to community service and social justice at a regional, national or international level. Also demonstrates a commitment to the Benedictine spirit of giving hospitality, love of others, listening and social stewardship.

Alumna Profile: “If someone had told me 10 years ago that I would one day be an Episcopal priest, I would have laughed at them,” says Jen. “But when God called me … I was eventually able to submit with something akin to grace.” As priest in charge of St. John of the Cross Episcopal Church in Bristol, Indiana, she shepherds one of the most inclusive communities northern Indiana. “As Christians, we are called to do more than tolerate one another,” she says. “Christ is very clear. He tells us to love one another, including our enemies … that doesn’t mean we hold mushy-gushy feelings for one another, but we act with love.”

Kia Lor ’13

Decade Award honors an alumna who is recognized by her peers as a great role model and leader for younger alumnae because her outstanding career achievements, representing global consciousness and community involvement in her chosen profession.

Alumna Profile: Kia was the first person in her family to go to college and, 10 years out of the College of Saint Benedict, remains the only one with a master’s degree. Hers came in intercultural communication at the University of Pennsylvania. Today, she is associate director of the Greenfield Intercultural Center at Penn. Her work focuses on societal and institutional support for DEI work and intercultural inclusion. “I feel like 18-year-old Kia in 2009, an immigrant kid from the inner city, if she looked at me now, she would be so proud,” Kia says. “Back then, I thought success was about money and power. Now it’s about the lives I can impact and the students I can build relationships with.”