Scheduled Thesis Defenses

Here are the Thesis Defense Presentations currently scheduled for the Spring 2018 semester:

PresenterDate, Time, and LocationDepartmentPresentation Title

Skylar Peyton

April 9, 4:00 PM in New Science 140

Environmental Studies

"Home on the Market Range: An Evaluation of Cultural and Economic Barriers to Large-Scale Bison Farming"

Curtis Noecker

April 9, 4:30 PM in PENGL 269

Computer Science

"Making Scientific Applications Portable: Software Containers and Package Managers"

Tom Richmond

April 11, 4:30 PM in PENGL 218

Computer Science

"Algorithmic Composition of Classical Music through Data Mining"

Wyndham Chalmers

April 23, 4:30 PM in HAB 101

Psychology & Biology

"Arousal Reappraisal and Interoceptive Awareness: How Awareness of Bodily Changes Facilitates Heightened Performance & Ability to Reappraise"

Olivia Dengel

April 24, 4:00 PM in NSC 325


"Body Composition, Bone Mineral Density and Visceral Adipose Tissue in NCAA Division I Collegiate Female Equestrian Athletes"

Nina Ricci

April 24, 4:30 PM in TRC Boardroom

Individualized (Religion, Society, and Culture)

"The Path Toward Religious and Cultural Inclusivity: The Need for Critical Inquiry"

Alexa Ronayne

April 24, 4:30 PM in PENGL 229


"The Influence of a Positive or Negative Mindset on Affect and Heart Rate Variability"

Madeline Bremel

April 25, 10:30 AM in Gorecki 120

Natural Science

"Efficacy of technology based and in-person health education for behavior change in college-aged women"

Zach Eichten

April 26, 9:00 AM in Quad 346

Political Science

"Poison Pills: How Subtle Differences in Processes, Public Opinion, and Leadership Doomed the American Health Care Act and Passed the Affordable Care Act"

Meredith Jarchow

April 26, 9:45 AM in Quad 346

Political Science

"Logged on for Democracy: The Relationship between Digital Media an Offline Political Participation over Time"

Danny Gillis

April 26, 10:30 AM in Quad 346

Political Science

"The Voting Behavior of Labor Union Members in the 2016 Presidential Election"

Meghan Mullon

April 26, 11:15 AM in Quad 346

Political Science

"Nevertheless, She Legislated: A Study of Women Representing Women in Congress"

Grant Anderla

April 26, 12:00 PM in Quad 346

Political Science

"Shifting Bilateralism: Understanding Change in the US-Japan Alliance during the Cold and Gulf War"

Stephanie Haeg

April 26, 1:45 PM in TRC Fireplace Lounge


"War Lust, and Unshaven, Unkempt Individuals Examining the CSB|SJU Campus, Catholicism, and the Anti-Vietnam War Movement from 1965-1968"

Alex Seefeldt

April 27, 12:00 PM in SBH 015


"Missa Gloriæ Patris"

Bryan Moreira

April 27, 3:30 PM in TRC Boardroom

Psychology and Theology

"Resisting the Fabricated Whiteness of Christ"