Scheduled Thesis Defenses

Here are the Thesis Defense Presentations currently scheduled for the Spring 2019 semester:

Presenter Date, Time, and Location Department Presentation Title

Reid Lemker

04/08/2019, 5:00 PM, Quad 360 (SJU)

Philosophy More Than a Caged Bird: Jean-Pierre Melville's Le Samoruai as Ethical Criticism

Brendan Klein

04/09/2019, 2:30 PM, President's Dining Room Gorecki (CSB) Economics The Political Economy of Automation: Its Effects on Workers Past, Present, and Future

Madeline Krumel

04/11/2019, 6:00 PM, Quad 346 (SJU) English The Kaleidoscopic Turn: Henry James and Edith Wharton on the Problem of Modernity

Neil Lindquist

04/16/2019, 9:30 AM, Peter Engle 229 (SJU) Computer Science Reducing Memory Access Latencies using Data Compression in Sparse, Iterative Linear Solvers

Hannah Weis

04/17/2019, 4-5 PM, HAB 118 (CSB) Biology Beliefs and Practices of High School Science Teachers on the Implementation of Technology-Based Assessments

Madeline Krumel

04/18/2019, 11:45 AM, Quad 341 (SJU) English The Kaleidoscopic Turn: Henry James and Edith Wharton on the Problem of Modernity

Bryan Crossman

4/23/2018, 3:00 PM, Peter Engel 167 (SJU) Physics Angular Dependence of Third-Order Optical Nonlinearity in Indium Tin Oxide

Joseph Pathoulas

04/23/2019, 3pm, Peter Engel 375 (SJU) Biology Quantification of Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound

Justine Revermann

04/24/2019, 8:00 AM, HAB 118 (CSB) Psychology The effects of guided imagery as mental practice during the learning of a novel psychomotor skill

Chris Pathoulas

04/24/2019, 12:00 PM, Alcuin 125 (SJU) Biology Investigating the Therapeutic Potential of Targeting LRRC15 in Endometrial Cancer

Nicholas Pathoulas

04/24/18, 1:30 PM, Alcuin 125 (SJU) Biochemistry Investigating TRAIL Sensitivity in Platinum Resistant Ovarian Cancer

Jordan Gemilere

04/25/2019, 10:00 AM, Art Center Auditorium (SJU) Political Science Political Stability in Contemporary Monarchies: The Case of Oman

Daniel Eggert

04/25/2019, 11:00 AM, Art Center Auditorium (SJU) Political Science No Victory Without Movement: The Crimean Crisis in the Context of Russian Military Strategy

Alexus Jungles

04/25/2019. 2:00 PM, Art Buidling ART 102 (SJU) Art Beyond the Blue: Cyanotype's Qualities of Light, Time, and Space