Outstanding All College Thesis Award

Every Spring semester, Clemens and Alcuin Libraries sponsor this $500 cash prize for the most outstanding All College Thesis of the year. 

The Award is given based on the following criteria:

  • Faculty Advisor's letter of recommendation
  • Presentation quality (both written and oral)
  • Significance and timeliness of the project
  • Quality of research/creative process
  • Effective use of resources and services

Previous Outstanding Thesis Award Winners

2019 – Bryan J Crossman, "Angular Dependence of Third-Order Optical Nonlinearity in Indium Tin Oxide."

2018 – Wyndham Chalmers, "Arousal Reappraisal and Interoceptive Awareness: How Awareness of Bodily Changes Facilitates Heightened Performance and Ability to Reappraise."

2017 – Timothy Immelman, “Who Wants to Join? Variation and Strength in Social Networks.

2016 – Emily C. Schoenbeck, “The Women of Cheboksary.

2015 – Molly L. Sullivan, “Who Will Make the Cut? Gender Bias and Contrast Effects in Hiring Behavior.

2014 – Kevin Windhauser, “‘To Offer Salvation and Eternal Life Equally to All’: The New Purgatory in the Poetry of John Milton.

2013 – Marie Meyer, “Nim on Groups.

2012 – Shannon McEvoy, “Latino/Latin American Muralism and Social Change: A Reflection on the Social Significance of the Cold Spring Mural.