Sample Signature Page

NOTE: a signature page will be included with both the proposal (due at the end of the second semester of the junior year) and the final draft of the thesis. The Thesis Proposal should be submitted electronically without physical signatures. The signature page for the final version of the All College Thesis should have all the required signatures (except for the All College Thesis Director) when the thesis is delivered to Lindsey Gutsch.

Your signature page must include the following items:
1. the title of your thesis,
2. your name,
3. the signature of your primary advisor,
4. the signatures of all your readers,
5. the signature of the department chair,
6. the signature of the Director of the All College Thesis Program.

Remember to include the signer's title and department for each signature. 
The following is an example signature page:

Project title: The Role of Statistical Learning in Children’s Language Acquisition

By Peter Shepard

Approved by:


Professor of Psychology


Professor of Computer Science


Associate Professor of Psychology


Chair, Department of Psychology


Dr. Catherine Bohn-Gettler, Co-Director of Undergraduate Research - All-College Thesis


Dr. Mary Stenson, Co-Director of Undergraduate Research - All-College Thesis