Deadlines and Forms

2020-2021 Scholars Forms and Deadlines - more details coming soon!

Thesis Committee 

This form is for students who are newly enrolled in COLG 396 for Spring 2020/Fall 2020.  The thesis committee should be identified by July 15, 2020. 

Final Forms and Deadlines for 2020 Thesis Scholars 

The final version of the thesis is due on May 8 to [email protected] 

All College Thesis Evaluation

The All College Thesis advisor submits this form after the thesis defense.

All College Thesis Survey

The thesis writer submits this form after the thesis defense.

Sample Pages

Use these pages as a formatting reference when preparing your thesis.

Sample Title Page

Sample Signature Page

Due to Covid-19, we are completing the signature pages using DocuSign. Please generate an unsigned signature page for your project and send to Lindsey Gutsch as a Word document; Lindsey will use the DocuSign software to collect all required signatures.