2020 Deadlines and Forms

2020 Deadlines


October 15 is the absolute deadline for thesis proposals for the following Spring. No proposals will be accepted after that date.

Thesis Submission and Defense - adjusted due to Covid-19

  1. Complete drafts are due to committee members by March 30, 2020.
  2. All defenses need to be scheduled by April 16. The last day to defend is April 30. The online form should be filled out as soon as you agree on a date with your committee.
  3. The final draft is due on the last day of classes. Please turn in an electronic copy and abstract page to the library by the last day of classes. Details on how to do this are found here. Questions can be directed to Lindsey Gutsch. If you want a bound copy of your thesis, you can turn in a physical copy to Lindsey Gutsch ([email protected]). Be sure the copy includes the signature page.


Thesis Committee 

This form is for students who are newly enrolled in COLG 396 for Spring 2020. This form should be completed by April 15 to be eligible for the Summer Thesis Fellowships.

All College Thesis Advisor's Statement

This form is due before or concurrently with the All College Thesis Proposal. Submission of this form counts as approval of the Thesis Proposal.

Departmental Approval for All College Thesis

This form is due before or concurrently with the All College Thesis Proposal. Approval of the Thesis Proposal will not be given until we have received this form.

All College Thesis Progress Report

The All College Thesis advisor must submit this form by February 17.

Thesis Defense Scheduling

Submit this form as soon as you have agreed on a date with your committee and reserved a room.

Outstanding All College Thesis Nomination

Thesis advisors and/or readers can nominate a thesis for the Outstanding Thesis Award, a $500 cash prize sponsored by Clemens and Alcuin Libraries. Submission of this form - which includes letter(s) of recommendation - April 3, 2020  and attendance of an Undergraduate Research representative at the defense is expected to be considered for the 2020 award.

All College Thesis Evaluation

The All College Thesis advisor submits this form after the thesis defense.

All College Thesis Survey

The thesis writer submits this form after the thesis defense.

Sample Pages

Use these pages as a formatting reference when preparing your thesis.

Sample Title Page

Sample Signature Page

Due to Covid-19, we are completing the signature pages using DocuSign. Please generate an unsigned signature page for your project and send to Lindsey Gutsch as a Word document; Lindsey will use the DocuSign software to collect all required signatures.