Zachary Kennedy

The Impact of Perception on Financial Capital Decisions for Women Entrepreneurs 

Margrette Newhouse, Advisor
Hassan Hussein
Wei Huang        

What inspired you to select your thesis topic?
As an Accounting (Finance) student and E-Scholar, I wanted to combine my passions and seek out an issue to research. This led me to inefficiencies in business funding for women-led ventures. I want to create a lasting improvement in this field which can help people better understand the funding disparity.           

Zach’s research in his own words:
My research compiles a modern literature review on gendered entrepreneurial research, while also using a set of semi-structured interviews with women entrepreneurs to understand how financial capital and social capital interrelate. The purpose is to better understand the demand-side constraints; whether women entrepreneurs need, want, and can obtain certain forms of venture financing. The most public and prominent business financing route is venture capital, and the research outlines a few reasons it is not as popular among women entrepreneurs.                             

Zach would like to acknowledge:
I want to thank my committee and the All-College Thesis program for providing me a platform to research and present.