Ryan Pauley

Parental Support for Physical Activity in Young Children 

Dr. Mary Stenson, Advisor
Dr. Matt Stenson           
Dr. Janna LaFountaine  

What inspired Ryan to select his thesis topic?
“As an aspiring Physical Therapist, I believe in the saying that movement is a form of medicine. I also love spending time outside in nature. This study allows me to incorporate the outdoors, use movement in a preventative manner, and possibly give back to the community of St. Joe.”

Ryan’s research in his own words:
“This study hopes to utilize the influence parents have on the habits of their children by finding ways to increase parental support for physical activity. Surveys were administered to learn about the physical activity habits of the parents and children of Little Saints Academy in St. Joe. Informational material such as maps, brochures, and active opportunities were distributed to parents to determine their usefulness. This data was used to determine the best ways to increase parent support and encouragement of physical activity in their children.”

What advice would Ryan give to future CSBSJU Thesis Scholars?
“If you are given the opportunity to work one-on-one with a professor, I encourage that you take it. Because I was the only one working on my project, I was forced to take responsibility and learned a great amount because of it. Furthermore, the professor is there to encourage, support, and teach you about the process.”

Ryan would like to acknowledge:
“I would like to thank Dr. Mary Stenson for all the time and effort she has provided me during this research process. I learned way more than I could have expected and appreciated all of her help.”