Maria Schrupp

Real Life Migration: An Analysis of Emotional and Micro-Level Responses to the Structures of Migration in Santiago, Chile     

Dr. Megan Sheehan, Advisor
Dr. Ellen Block  
Dr. Pedro dos Santos

What inspired Maria to select her thesis topic?
Megan Sheehan presented me with the opportunity to be her research assistant on her migration study in Santiago, Chile during the summer of 2019. While I was there, I interviewed migrants and worked for a small organization that helped them find employement and navigate the legal processes involved in the immigration to Chile. Over the course of the summer, I was touched by the brave, heartwarming, frustrating, and tragic stories that I heard. I wanted to illuminate the stories that I heard and show the affective impact that migration can have on people.    

Maria’s research in her own words?
My anthropological research highlights the lived experiences of migrants to Chile. After spending the summer of 2019 as a research assistant in Santiago, I saw a need to share the perspective of the migrants who I interviewed and interacted with. In my thesis, I especially focus on the migrants' emotive responses to the large social and political structures that they must deal with upon entering the country. Migration is an ever increasing reality for millions of people around the world, my research aims to get a deeper understanding of the everyday life of migrants.  

Maria’s advice for future CSBSJU Thesis Scholars:
Do it! It will help you figure out what you want to do in the future and it looks great on a resume!