Kristina Packer

Determinants of the Gender Pay Gap in the U.S. Financial Sector: Estimating the Role of Discrimination

Louis Johnston, Advisor
Yasin Arafat      
Janean Kleist     

What inspired Kristina to select her thesis topic?
I was lucky to have an internship last summer that was focused on data analytics and labor economics, so I knew I wanted to pursue a topic in that area. I am also interested in gender issues and felt this topic was close to home as a woman entering the financial sector after graduation myself.

Kristina’s research in her own words:
“The United States as a whole has seen a decrease in the gender pay gap since the 1980s. Using a decomposition statistical method, this research seeks to analyze the determinates that contribute to the gender pay gap, specifically within the financial sector. The focus is on the role of discrimination determined by the unexplained portion of the pay gap.”
What advice would Kristina give to future CSBSJU Thesis Scholars?
“Start early and keep writing throughout the whole process. It was easy to get caught up in the statistical work and then end up with a lot of writing to do at the end of the process. Writing after each step helped me stay on track better.”

Kristina would like to acknowledge:
“Thank you to my committee and everyone else that has helped me through this process!”