Kori Friedges

The Effect of a Positive and Negative Mindset on Affect, Happiness, and Heart Rate Variability    

Rodger Narloch, Advisor
Linda Tennison
Robert Kachelski

What inspired you to select your thesis topic?
When I began this project, I was in an Ethics seminar which was on the topic of happiness and a psychology class called Motivation and Emotion where I learned about topics related to mindset. The academic content in both of those classes was always intriguing and interesting. These two classes inspired me to select my topic which combines mindset and happiness.        

Kori’s research in her own words:
The present study investigates the influence of a positive or negative mindset on affect, happiness, and heart rate variability (HRV) among undergraduate students. Participants were randomly assigned into the positive or negative mindset conditions by completing two short writing exercises. Participants reported their affect and happiness before and after the mindset manipulation, and their HRV was recorded before, during, and after the mindset manipulation. Overall, the results of the present study indicate that adopting a positive mindset in the present moment increases positive affect, while adopting a negative mindset in the present moment significantly detracts from happiness and increases negative affect.        

What advice would you give to future CSBSJU thesis scholars?
Don’t be afraid to ask your advisor questions and pick a topic that sounds interesting to you!