Hannah Baumgardt

The City Eternal - a Spectrum of Stories 

John Kendall, Advisor
Matthew Callahan
Claire Haeg

Hannah’s research in her own words:

A thousand years in the future, humanity faces their final century in existence, having exhausted the earth of resources and collapsed into self-contained city-units. These Cities contain all that is left of worth in the world and to those within, they are the definition of utopia. Over the course of six short stories, this utopian vision is complicated. Through tales of love and doubt, self-delusion and vengeance, each narrator evolves readers’ perception of the City. Together, they offer a blend of light and dark and speculation on how our own nature could cause our ultimate destruction.                    

What inspired you to select your thesis topic?

During junior year, I wrote two short stories set in the same utopic city. As it came time to find a topic for my thesis, I realized "the City" had more angles to explore. Furthermore, I could use different opinions on this setting to show human strengths and weaknesses.         

Hannah wishes to acknowledge:

Thank you to everyone who helped me with this project, including my 'thesis team,' friends, and family. I enjoyed every bit of the process!