Allison Grodnick

The Evolution of Multidrug Resistance in an Isolated Pseudomonas Strain             

Dr. Dave Mitchell, Advisor          
Dr. Ashley FInk 
Dr. Elyse Krautkramer   

Allison’s research in her own words:

My research project aimed to evaluate the ability of an isolated bacterial strain (from the SJU arboretum) to gain resistance to antibiotics. The isolate was initially found to be susceptible to a wide array of antibiotics. Three of these antibiotics were selected for this evolution experiment. Through a series of sequential exposures, the isolated Pseudomonas strain acquired and maintained resistance to these 3 antibiotics at a concentration that was initially lethal. This study of the acquisition of antibiotic resistance provides insight into the current issue of bacteria gaining drug resistance through the overuse of antibiotics.          

What inspired you to select your thesis topic?

I am interested in pursuing biomedical research as part of my career, so I was drawn to a project that involved medicine as well as applied to a current health related issue. The topic of antibiotic resistance is something that has been touched in my courses at CSBSJU, so it was a great opportunity to dive deeper into this topic through my research.

What advice would you give to future CSBSJU thesis scholars?

My undergraduate research experience was a highlight of my CSBSJU career, so I would strongly encourage students interested in undergraduate research to get involved in a project.     

Allison wishes to acknowledge:

A huge thanks to Dr. Dave Mitchell for his support, guidance, and mentorship throughout this project. Another thanks to Dr. Ashley Fink and Dr. Elyse Krautkramer for their guidance and contributions to the project.