Abigail Rader

Impacts of Effective Media Communication to Motivate State Level Policy Action: The Case of the Colorado River Basin      

Dr. Claire Haeg, Advisor
Dr. Colin Hannigan        
Dr. Matt Lindstrom        

What inspired Abigail to select her thesis topic?
“Throughout my college experience, I have been fascinated in and passionate about water. This interest was solidified while interning at the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, D.C. this past summer. At EPA, I had the opportunity to meet officials who were working on water projects throughout the U.S., one of whom invited me to attend the National Drought Forum at the United States Institute of Peace. At the forum, it became clear to me that the Colorado River was a case study I had to investigate.”

Abigail’s research in her own words:
“As climate change induced drought continues to proliferate in the American Southwest, understanding how legislative actors are motivated to impart environmental policy grows in importance for the public. My research connects communication and policy studies to investigate the complex system of how local media impacts state legislative action on water policy.”

What advice does Abigail have for future CSBSJU Thesis Scholars?
“Find something you are deeply invested in, and take risks. Your research becomes something that will take up a lot of your time, infuse into conversations for the entire year, and potentially set you on the path towards graduate research or a career. Make sure you find something you want to talk to people about!”