Mentor and Mentees



Kennedy Kahr

Coon Rapids, Minnesota

Elementary Education Major

Fun Fact: I threw out the first pitch at a MLB game.

Noemi Guzman

Chicago, Illinois

Social Science Major

Fun Fact: Three of my tattoos are dedicated to Harry Styles.

Monstserrat Alejandre

Chicago, Illinois

Sociology, Hispanic Studies, and Anthropology Major

Fun Fact: I have three dogs

Edith Gomez

Buffalo, Minnesota

Psychology and Hispanic Studies Major

Fun Fact: I'm the type of person that would rather spend their money on good food, iced coffee, and experiences instead of clothes.

Alondra Banda

Houston, Texas

Nutrition Major

Fun Fact: I enjoy watching horror movies

Jessica Garcia

Bloomington, Minnesota

Biology Major, Hispanic Studies and Neuroscience Minor

Fun Fact: I love to discuss conspiracy theories!

Josefa Zarate Dolores

Brenda Gutierrez Rojas

Richfield, Minnesota

Political Science Major, Global Business Leadership Minor

Fun Fact: I enjoy watching documentaries for fun! :)

Josefa Zarate Dolores

Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Computer Science Major

Fun Fact: I enjoy painting with friends while listening to our favorite music.

Ibett Gomez

Elida Espinosa

Houston, Texas 

Global Business and Communication Major

Fun Fact: I've met The Weeknd in 2013 at a meet and greet after his concert

Ibett Gomez

Buffalo, Minnesota

Gloabal Business Leadership Major, Psychology Minor

Fun Fact: One thing on my bucket list is to see the Northern Lights

Kate Estrada

Chicago, Illinois

Biology Major and Psychology Minor

Fun Fact: I love listening to crime podcasts.

Nicolle Hernandez

Houston, Texas

Elementary Education Major

Fun Fact: As a kid, I develeoped a fear towards thunderstorms and rain so whenever one would form, I used to uncontrollably cry.

Evelyn Banda

Houston, Texan

Psychology Major

Fun Fact: It took me about 10 minutes to push my son out during labor.

Beatriz Gabriel

Worthington, Minnesota


Fun Fact: I love playing soccer and listening to music.

Mariana Mendoza

Dallas, Texas

Political Science Major and Neuroscience Minor

Fun Fact:I am two years into my holistic spiritual wellness journey. Ask me about what I learned!

Sophia Diaz

Political Science Major and Pre-Law Minor

Fun Fact: 

Karen Rodriguez Luevano

Chicago, Illinois

Peace Studies and Communication Major

Fun Fact: 

Jennifer Agustin

Blommington, Minnesota

Political Science Major, Hispanic Studies Minor

Fun Fact: My favorite dog breed is a corgi!

Mariana Delgado

Chicago, Illinois

Global Business Leadership and Hispanic Studies Major

Fun Fact: I enjoy baking in my free time

Amanda Martinez-Port

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Global Business Leadership and Hispanic Studies Major, Communications Minor

Fun Fact:I have four cats.

Autumn Ayer

French and English Major

Fun Fact:

Nayeli Carreno

Chicago, Illinois

Global Business Leadership Major

Fun Fact: My favorite resturant in St. Cloud is Giliberto's

Stacey Delgado

Chicago, Illinois

Global Business Leadership Major

Fun Fact:

Rebeca Quintanilla 

Houston, Texas

Econmics Major

Fun Fact: I lived in Paraguay for 2 months!

Jackeline Chavez

Chemistry and Sociology Major

Fun Fact: 

Amiyah Espinal

Lawrence, Minnesota

Communication Major

Fun Fact: I am the oldest of 5

Dana Alcala

Salt Lake City, Utah

Communications and Hispanic Studies Major

Fun Fact: My High School Locker was used in the movie Halloweentown

Lizeth Pineda

Bloomington, Minnesota

Psychology Major and Gender Studies Minor

Fun Fact: My favorite animals are turtles

Madeline Vargas

Houston, Texas

Nursing Major

Fun Fact:I am obsessed with wiener dogs and I have a very strong laugh

Shante Hanna

The Bahamas

Biology Major, Pre-Med

Fun Fact:I am an entrepreneur and I LOVE to paint.

Destiny Sweeting

Nassau, Bahamas

Biochemestry Major

Fun Fact: I love to dance.

Angel Pinder

The Bahamas

Biology Major

Fun Fact: I love the color green and I am obsessed with tea!

Kat Mazang

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Sociology and French Studies Major

Fun Fact: I speak 4 languages

Samantha Vidaurri

Houston, Texas

Accounting and Global Business Leadership Major

Fun Fact: I like dying my hair!

Godgift Iteghete

Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

Computer Science Major and Communications Minor

Fun Fact: I am a poet

Jacqueline Lopez

Dallas, Texas

Psychology Major and Biology Minor

Fun Fact: I like pigs.

Ngawang Chonzee

Plymouth, Minnesota

Biology Major, Pre-Nursing

Fun Fact: I like to paint. 

Betty Garcia Herrera

Enviornmental Studies and Biology Major

Fun Fact: 

Zaida Ramos

Dallas, Texas

Hispanic Studies Major

Fun Fact: My right hand is longer than my left hand, you can definitely tell the huge difference.

Emily Sanchez

Elementary Education and Hispanic Studies Major

Fun Fact: