Frequently Asked Questions

What is Advocates for Inclusive Mentoring?

AIM provides an unique opportunity for first and second year Bennies that come from underrepresented backgrounds to connect with older student mentors that share their same identities. It is a chance for Bennies to participate in monthly group and one on one mentoring sessions for professional and personal development. This experience allows for students from underrepresented backgrounds to join a Sisterhood of likeminded women looking to learn more about their personal identities on campus as well as topics relating to inclusion, equity, and feminism. 

What underrepresented identites are present in this program?

We serve a variety of underrepresented identities including but not limited to:

  • Racial Minorities
  • Sexual Minorites
  • International Students
  • Students with Phsycial or Invisible Disabilities
  • First Generation Bennies

Will I get to choose my mentor/mentee?

During the application process we ask different matching questions to ensure that we create a compatiable and sustainable mentoring relationship. We match students based off their interests, majors, and self-described identity. However, if you already have a mentor/mentee on campus and would like to be placed with them, you would need to indicate that on your application. 

How often will I meet with my mentor/mentee?

You are expected to meet biweekly for at least an hour or more. This must be in person, but it does not have to be super formal. When and where you meet is up to you. You can meet for dinner, go to a Fine Arts Experience together, or any sporting events. This time is what you want it to be, but we will periodically have discussion questions for you to prepare for the Monthly Sessions. 

What will we do during the Monthly Sessions?

During the Monthly Sessions, we will go over a range of topics suggested by the partipants to help grow their awareness of the world around them as well as their awareness of their idenity and how that world around them is effected by that. We will have different speakers on campus come in to share their expetise in these topics so they are able to get a range of persepctives. The topics we've previously focused on are Colorism, Privledge, Women's Leadership, Diversity at CSB, and Sexual Identity. 

What are the benefits of becoming an AIM Mentor/Mentee?

AIM Mentors will:

  • Develop relationships with their mentee(s).
  • Share valuable knowledge gained as result of experience.
  • Develop coaching, communication, and leadership skills.
  • Motivate and support a student to raise their level or professional attainment.
  • Gain personal satisfaction through contributing to increasing the retention rate at CSB.
  • Extend your network to other Mentors and Mentees.
  • Experience professional and personal growth.

AIM Mentees will:

  • Establish professional networks.
  • Gain professional support and encouragement from Mentor.
  • Expand growth in sense of competence, identity, and effectiveness as a young professional.
  • Gain exposure to new ideas, theories, practices, and/or people that might not be pursued without a Mentor's guidance and/or encouragement.
  • Receive honest and informal feedback.
  • Improve understanding of student issues and exposure to different approaches to dealing with them.
  • Explore opportunities, anxieties, barriers and feelings with reference to specific issues.
  • Enhance understanding of the importance seeking out mentors in life.