Your Life

"If I go to school here, will I be able to get a job when I graduate?"

We hear that all the time, from prospective students and, especially, from their parents. The short answer is this: our graduates find jobs.

In our most recent survey, 99 percent of 2012 graduates reported they were situated within a year of earning their degree, either professionally employed, pursuing a graduate degree or in a full-time volunteer position.

But our graduates measure the value of their CSB/SJU education far above the take-home pay of an entry-level job. In the stories they tell, their CSB/SJU experience prepared them not only for their first job, it prepared them for life. You can bank on that.

CSB/SJU Career Successes

CSB/SJU graduates carry with them a mindset and toolkit of skills that are critical to future success.

CSB/SJU Inspired Lives

Our graduates consistently give high marks to their experiences at CSB/SJU; citing their relationships with faculty and other students, the opportunity to study abroad, conduct research, or volunteer outside of the classroom as experiences that have prepared them for life.