Your Experience

The stories our students tell about their experiences at CSB/SJU are as varied as the 3,864 students themselves. Some students tell stories about their teamwork on academic challenges and the trophies they brought home from regional and national competitions. Some describe their individual project with a faculty adviser and their research presentation at a national conference. What will your story be?

CSB/SJU Traditions

It's our shared values and traditions that unite Bennies and Johnnies today and will continue to unite us for generations to come.

CSB/SJU Classrooms

Our students encounter an engaged learning experience that combines theory and practice in and beyond the classroom.  Through the colleges' experiential learning requirement, all students complete an internship, undergraduate research project, study abroad, or other engaged learning activity.

CSB/SJU Campus Involvement

Student involvement is a lively part of the CSB/SJU campus culture.  In fact, 95 percent of students report their involvement outside the classroom improved the quality of their academic experience. What's your interest?  Music, math, athletics, politics, dance, games?  Students explore their interests through a variety of topics and activities at CSB/SJU.