Meet our Students

James McLean

James McLean

Brainerd, Minnesota

"One thing that I love about CSB/SJU is that it is a place where in one moment you can be surrounded by the woods and totally in nature, and the next minute be apart of a fruitful community of people from all walks of life - immersed in each other's cultures."


Angel Key

Laguna Hills, California

"Coming all the way to Minnesota from California was a huge change for me, but this university makes me feel like I am home. It was the best pick for my college and I wouldn't change it one bit."


Ben Precourt

Plover, Wisconsin

"CSB/SJU were the only schools that gave me the personal attention and sense of community that I wanted in college. Going to a school where I did not know a single person made me apprehensive, but the topnotch quality of Bennies and Johnnies helped make my college decision stress-free."

Rachel Mullin

Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Political Science/History

"Through my experiences here I have become more confident in myself and in my abilities. I have been challenged and pushed, yet also rewarded and assisted in my endeavors. It has supported me as I embark upon adventures that many would shy at. CSB/SJU have given me the tools necessary to expand my horizons and follow my dreams, and their role in my life has only just begun."

Long Nguyen

Hanoi, Vietnam
Global Business Leadership

"Don't be surprised when someone walks into your room to say "hi" here. Don't feel weird when someone just stops and holds the door for you even though you are a long ways away. Don't even be shocked when after forgetting to take your laundry out of the dryer, you realize that all of your clothes have been carefully folded. All of these acts and more make the close-knit community between Bennies and Johnnies."

Alul Yesak

Dallas, Texas
Political Science/Psychology

I cannot believe how easy it is to get involved here! I came to CSB/SJU from a large city and finding enough to do was a concern of mine. That concern quickly went away. It seems like there is something to experience 24 hours a day here. So far, I am involved in debate, Amnesty International and Aikido.

Joe Lampe

Osceola, Iowa

"CSB/SJU were the perfect fit for me! I can participate in band, baseball, AND mathematics with little or no complications! I also love the people here. Everyone is so genuinely respectful. One of the coolest experiences I've had here was the CollegeBound trip to the Boundary Waters. We camped, canoed, and had a great time getting to know each other around the campfire."

Morgan Dale

Jamestown, North Dakota
Elementary Education

"Everyone at CSB/SJU has great goals and outlooks on life. I am constantly surrounded by people that have a positive outlook on life and challenge me to be the best I can be. I am always trying new things, meeting new people, and accomplishing things I never thought were possible. I love my college!"