Admission & Financial Aid

Travel Tips

  • Bring picture identification with you to the airport.
  • Review your ticket and make sure you know on which airline you are flying - that will determine which check-in counter you need to find.
  • Arrive at the airport two hours before your departure time so you have time to check-in. Have your confirmation letter with our contact numbers and directions to our Welcome Booth at the Minneapolis Airport.
  • Since you are only staying two nights, you might be able to pack your belongings into a small bag and carry them on the plane, as opposed to checking your bag. There is no fee to carry-on a small piece of luggage. However, if you do plan to carry-on your bag, make sure you are following the Transportation Security Administration’s carry-on rules (pay close attention to the liquid rules). If you need to check your bag there will be a fee associated, which will cost you approximately $25 one way, so $50 roundtrip. Be sure to have money on you if you need to check your bag at the airport.
  • The weather forecast … Minnesota may be a little colder than home at this time of year. You will want to bring a jacket to be on the safe side. Check our local weather forecast.
  • You do not need any formal clothing … bring comfortable clothes because you will be walking around a lot and exploring all we have to offer … comfortable shoes are important!

We’re looking forward to seeing you!