Two Colleges. Together.


Two colleges, one community. Bennies and Johnnies share a joint academic program and a vibrant social life.

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Our Partnership

  • Together, the College of Saint Benedict (CSB) and Saint John's University (SJU) form a one-of-a-kind partnership of two top-ranked liberal arts colleges.
  • The two colleges have been closely connected since they were founded (CSB in 1913 as a college for women and SJU in 1857 as a college for men).
  • Our formal partnership began over 60 years ago and, today, almost everything is coed. 

Together is Better

  • Students at CSB/SJU have full access to the campuses, courses, faculty, facilities and programs of two colleges.
  • Together, we offer the opportunities, course selection and extensive curriculum of a large university while retaining the close knit community and personal attention you'd expect from a top liberal arts college.

How We Work Together

  • Students take classes on both campuses, eat on both campuses, attend events on both campuses, study on both campuses, and use the athletic facilities on both campuses.
  • Students travel between the two campuses on the LINK. The LINK is a free and frequent shuttle that runs on an easy-to-remember schedule every day of the week, making it simple to travel to either campus as needed.

Quick Facts

  • Social Life: Look around at the attendance of any campus athletic event, concert, speaker, dance, classroom or mass and you'll see for yourself that the CSB/SJU experience is a coed experience.
  • Classrooms: Yes, students take classes at both colleges. In fact, CSB and SJU share one common curriculum. Classes are coed and graduation requirements are the same for both schools. Expect your classes to have a similar ratio of women to men as other coed colleges.
  • Residential Life: Women live at CSB and men live at SJU. The residence halls are one of the colleges' only separate aspects. Our visiting hours are similar to other colleges — with residence halls open until midnight on weeknights and 2 a.m. on weekends.
  • Facilities: Students have total access to the facilities on both campuses: dining halls, athletic centers, coffee houses, science labs, hiking trails, lakes and more.