Teacher Evaluation

To the School Official

We would value your candid appraisal of this applicant. This recommendation is a critical component in the evaluation of the student’s application for admission and scholarships. Therefore, your quick response to this form is necessary and appreciated. Our early application date for admission and scholarships is November 15.

Profile Information

The College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University are selective, undergraduate, Catholic, liberal arts colleges. Our 3,200 students represent 37 states and 15 countries. 97 percent of CSB and SJU students are traditional age and 98 percent are full-time. The middle 50 percent of students score 23-29 on the ACT (1590-1920 on the SAT) and have a G.P.A. between 3.50-3.90. More information can be found at www.csbsju.edu.

Right of Access

The material submitted in this report is subject to the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 that allows enrolled students access to their permanent file. Colleges do not provide access to admission records to applicants who are not enrolled, those students who are denied admission, or those students who decline an offer of admission. Your recommendation will be used only for admission and scholarship purposes and will not become a part of the permanent file.

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Comparative Evaluation

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Overall Recommendation

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Written Evaluation

The Admission and Scholarship Committees are interested in your comments concerning the applicant’s intellectual ability and personal character. In particular, we would appreciate your appraisal of the candidate’s potential for intellectual growth, honesty, integrity and emotional stability.

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