Student Referral Process

While you may know the value of a CSB/SJU education, many of today’s high school students simply don’t know about Saint Ben’s and Saint John’s. In a recent survey, only seven percent of Twin Cities metro-area juniors indicated that they were very familiar with CSB/SJU—and the schools are even less well known nationwide. We know that students like what they see when they take a look at CSB/SJU. In fact, CSB/SJU have some of the highest enrollment rates (as a percentage of accepted students) in the country. However, students can’t enroll if they don’t apply.

You can help make sure that the high school students you know have a chance to check out CSB/SJU by referring them to the Admission Office. Here’s how:

1. Identify Prospective Students

This is an exercise in creative networking. Relatives who might be college-bound are obvious connections for referrals, but we hope you will look further afield. Think about friends, co-workers, neighbors and people you spend time with at church, in committees or even at soccer fields. Here is some helpful information about our academic profile:

2005-06 First-year Academic Profile (middle 50 percent)

  • ACT: 23-28
  • SAT: 1590 and 1860
  • GPA between 3.41 and 3.89 (4.0 scale)
  • Class rank: 67%-91%

2. Send us the Information

Please fill out the form here, and click on the submit button. Don't get hung up on the details as there are only a few required fields. Just give us enough information so we can contact the student, and we will take it from there.

3. Talk us up

Don't forget to tell the prospective student about CSB/SJU. We can throw brochures, Web sites, numbers and pictures at these students all day long, and none of them will make as strong an impression as one good story. Your personal story will say more about the culture of our colleges than anything we can do—short of having the student visit the campuses.*

4. Next steps

Once you've made the referral and talked to the student, the Admission Office will begin our process of letting them know more about the colleges. Please note that CSB/SJU will begin corresponding with the student as early as 3-4 weeks after you make the referral. 

*The single most influential part of the admission process is getting students on campus for a visit.


You can help.

Send us the information by filling out the Referral Form found here:
Referral Form