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Welcome to Raft U

Four sides. Four years.

Students at the College of Saint Benedict (CSB) and Saint John's University (SJU) don't actually go to college on a raft. However, we do have a raft at our on-campus beach, and the CSB/SJU experience is a lot like a raft.

The raft's four sides become the four years of your college experience.* And, like a raft, our campuses overflow with activity and friendships and lifelong memories.

We're a special place where students jump headfirst into academic challenges, artistic endeavors, global adventures, community service, athletic competition, internships and research.

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*92% of our graduates complete their degree in four years. You'll want to check how many sides (years) you will need at other colleges.

The Raft at CSB/SJU


The Real Story

Think we used photo editing to create the scenes? Watch the timelapse video and see outtakes of our most recent four days of shoots.

Four days in four minutes.

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