Overnight Host Application


What characteristics make great Admission Overnight Hosts?

  • First year or sophomore Bennies and Johnnies
  • Students who love the CSB/SJU experience
  • Students who want to show prospective high school seniors around the campus
  • Students who are involved in organizations or attend numerous campus events
  • Students who like meeting and talking with new people
  • Students who are comfortable introducing prospective students to their friends
  • Students who know how to have good, clean fun
  • Students who can think on their feet
  • Students who are comfortable on the CSB and the SJU campus

Why are Admission Overnight Hosts important?

Overnight hosts, and the impressions they give, play an extremely important role in the admission process.  Every year, over 3,000 prospective seniors and their families visit CSB and SJU, and hundreds schedule overnight visits. Prospective students want to know what the residential experience here is like. As you may remember from your college search, the Bennies and Johnnies that a prospective student meets on campus will have a significant impact on his/her decision to attend CSB/SJU.

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