Meet Our Professors

A large part of our students' experience is defined by the relationships they build with professors. At CSB/SJU, our professors do more than teach. Our professors inspire students to break barriers and reach new heights. The inspiration goes both ways; our students inspire our professors everyday.

Professor GrahamKate Graham: Chemistry

Ph.D. Cornell University
"It's inspiring to see our students go on to do exciting things. Sometimes it is volunteer work. Sometimes it is graduate school in science or the health professions. Sometimes it is taking a job in industry and being part of an adventurous new project. Their passion inspires me to help them achieve their goals."

Professor MoskowitzSanford Moskowitz: Global Business Leadership

Ph.D. Columbia University
"CSB/SJU students are impressive: they are intelligent and caring. They care about their studies, as well as about the type of people they are and want to become. CSB/SJU exerts a strong pull on all who are part of the community."

Professor MukherjeeSucharita Mukherjee: Economics

Ph.D. University of California-Riverside
"Saint Ben's and Saint John's is a community where professors and students grow together; a home away from home for me. Our students inspire me through their desire to learn combined with their respect for teachers. Most importantly, Bennies and Johnnies have the courage to ask good questions."

Professor LarsonDerek Larson: Environmental Studies and History

Ph.D. Indiana University
"We are all working together here: students with faculty, faculty with staff, everyone with each other in pursuit of new knowledge and ways of understanding the world around us. That collaborative model is far superior to the alternative - competition - and it makes working with others much more fun in the process."

JeppersonMary Jepperson: Accounting and Finance

First female partner at the Minneapolis office of Coopers & Lybrand/PricewaterhouseCoopers
"Our students love challenges! They work hard, yet find opportunities to serve others. They make the Community at CSB/SJU start with a capital 'C' by their dedication; respect for each other, the faculty and staff; and appreciation of the Benedictine values."