Meet Our Students

Ben Eli

Ben Eli '17
Hometown: Avon, Minn.
Major: Economics

Signed to play with a professional football team in Sweden after graduation

Saint John's University senior offensive lineman Ben Eli recently signed with the Carlstad Crusaders, a Swedish American football team.  Read more about Ben.

Ramond Mitchell ' 17

Ramond Mitchell '17 
Hometown: Nassau, Bahamas
Major: Theology

A campus leader and talented musician

Ramond Mitchell has the top student leadership position at Saint John's University – Senate President. When he's not attending up to three meetings a day for his duties as presidents, he finds time to mentor younger students as a resident assistant, sing in both the Men's Chorus and an on-campus acapella group "Johnnie Blend," and explore his faith.  Read more about Ramond.

Sarah Clark '17

Sarah Clark '17
Hometown: Eau Claire, Wis.
Major: Biochemistry

Pre-med student and accomplished student researcher

"I chose to study pre-med in a liberal arts context because there is a lot more to medicine than science alone. It has given me the chance to explore other interests and gain exposure to different fields, which have broadened my perspectives of medicine. I also think it has made me more well-rounded." Meet other Pre-med students.

Daniel Tripicchio '17

Daniel Tripicchio '17  
Hometown: Hudson, Wisc.
Major: Accounting & Finance 

Future accountant at Deloitte – a Big Four accounting firm – and an SJU Hockey player

Following a summer internship with Deloitte in 2015, Tripicchio agreed to a summer 2016 internship, along with a full-time position in international tax following his graduation in May. His summer 2016 internship gave Tripicchio the opportunity to participate in Deloitte's Global Internship Program in Brazil, where he was able to work, live and build connections with international professionals.  Read more about Daniel.

Sarah McLarnan '17

Sarah McLarnan '17 
Hometown: Victoria, Minn.
Major: Environmental Studies

Recipient of a $50,000 grant from U.S. environmental agency

Sarah is one of 35 students nationwide to be selected for a Greater Research Opportunities Undergraduate Fellowship and a $50,000 grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Read more about Sarah.